Whether you are developing an app or just using Python to script some tasks, python-transifex is a library that can help when it comes to send content to Transifex. This is a neat piece of code that wrappers Transifex's API and offers an easy interphase to create projects, sent and pull files directly from your python code. Below you can see a list of the main functionalities it has.



To connect to Transifex:

In [1]: from transifex.api import TransifexAPI

# Replace `username` and `password` here with your own username and password
In [2]: t = TransifexAPI('username', 'password', 'https://www.transifex.com')

In [3]: t.ping()
Out[3]: True


Create a new public project

Public projects require a repository_url. This can be any valid URL. Private projects do not require this, but you must have a Transifex plan which allows private projects.

In [4]: t.new_project('helloworld5', repository_url='http://gmail.com')

Check if a project already exists

In [5]: t.project_exists('helloworld5')
Out[5]: True

In [6]: t.project_exists('helloworld44345')
Out[6]: False


A resource is a set of strings that need to be translated into one or more languages.

Create a resource

In [7]: t.new_resource('helloworld5', '/src/python-transifex/pofile.po', resource_slug='anotherpofile')

List resources

In [8]: t.list_resources('helloworld5')
[{u'categories': None,
u'i18n_type': u'PO',
u'name': u'anotherpofile',
u'priority': u'1',
u'slug': u'anotherpofile',
u'source_language_code': u'en_GB'}]

Delete a resource

In [9]: t.delete_resource('helloworld5', 'anotherpofile')

List the languages this resource is translated into

# First, recreate the resource on the Tranisfex server
in [10]: t.new_resource('helloworld5', '/src/python-transifex/pofile.po')

In [11]: t.list_languages('helloworld5', 'pofilepo')
Out[11]: [u'en_GB']

Uploading translations to Transifex

If you have up-to-date translations in your codebase, you should update them to Transifex so that the translators don't have to translate everything from scratch.

In [12]: t.new_translation('helloworld5', 'pofilepo', 'pt-br','/src/python-transifex/pofile.po')
{u'redirect': u'/projects/p/helloworld5/resource/pofilepo/',
u'strings_added': 0,
u'strings_delete': 0,
u'strings_updated': 0}

Downloading translations from Transifex

To download the translations and store them in a local file, run the following:

In [13]: t.get_translation('helloworld5', 'pofilepo', 'pt-br', '/src/python-transifex/pofile_ptbr.po')

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