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Audio Localization (tx labs)
Audio Localization (tx labs)

Information about how Transifex handles audio files (.mp3, .flac).

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File Extension(s)

.mp3, .flac

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Transifex supports two of the most popular audio file formats: MP3 and FLAC. You can translate MP3 and FLAC files and then download the translated files in MP3 format.

⚠️Important Note: Audio localization is currently part of the Tx Labs initiatives. This means it is an experimental feature that we are actively developing and testing. We appreciate your feedback as we work to improve and refine its functionality based on your input.


1. Upload an mp3 or flac file of your choice - narratives, podcasts or voice-overs -, as a resource via the Resources page or API.

2. Transifex’s AI will split the audio file into segments/strings.

3. Use Transifex’s Editor to translate those strings in one or more target languages.

4. Once the translation and/or review are complete, you can download the translated file in MP3 format.

Speaker Voice Preferences

Once the translations are done and you are ready to export the localization files from Transifex, you can decide the desired speaker voice for your localized content using the dropdown menu under your resource settings.


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