• Extension: FILELESS

This format was developed to support localization workflows where a file is not needed. Phrases of that format are populated either through an API or from a Transifex feature.

The core difference of the FILELESS format is that you can append phrases to the format vs a file upload that will update the whole phrases found in the uploading file.

FILELESS uses the ICU syntax to represent complex forms for variables, placeholders, and plurals.

Additionally, FILELESS phrases support metadata for:

  • tags

  • comments

  • context

  • character limit


Currently, the FILELESS format is used by Transifex Native and Figma Integration. Phrases from these features are appended on a FILELESS resource in Transifex.

To download phrases from a FILELESS resource, you have two options.

  • Download for use option in order to download the file in a JSON format.

  • Download as XLIFF. Similarly, you can import translations in a FILELESS format by uploading an XLIFF translations file.

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