Deleting Translation Teams
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Deleting a team

If you want to delete a translation team, follow the steps below:

  • Click the Teams tab in the main navigation.


  • Select the team you want to delete and press the gear icon.


  • Click Delete.


Removing a team from a project

Please note that in order to delete a translation team, you need to move all projects to another team before deletion (every project in Transifex needs to be assigned to a team). In order to assign a project to another team, you can follow the steps described here.

Deleting a language-specific group

For example, in your Translation team (Team 1), you have two language-specific teams: Russian and Spanish. You would like to delete the Spanish team: i.e. Spanish translator, Spanish reviewer, and Spanish language coordinator):


To delete a language-specific group within your larger Translation team, you need to remove those corresponding collaborators.

Click on the language team and delete the collaborators. You need to delete first all Translators and Reviewers and then, at last, delete all coordinators.


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