ReadMe has provided a simple but powerful integration with Transifex.

With this integration you will be able to

  • Automatically detect changes to phrases in your docs project.

  • Let your teams collaborate on the translation and publication of those phrases.

  • Use In-context editors.

  • Select what parts of a page to translate at the string level.

  • Automatically provide a language picker for your users.

  • Combine machine translation with human oversight, or easy outsource to human translators.

  • Benefit from auto-translation of saved phrases.

ReadMe offers a particularly deep integration with Transifex:

  • An out-of-the-box search experience for end-users in multiple languages. (ReadMe does this by using Transifex's API to build search index(es) of translated phrases.).

  • ReadMe prerenders translated strings so that search engines can "see" and rank the translations.

Here is a simple diagram of how a ReadMe documentation portal would work with Transifex:

Transifex works with ReadMe by allowing users to add a custom javascript snippet in a documentation portal. Once loaded, the Transifex vendor logic will retrieve the necessary data to render the content into another language.

For more information on how to set up the integration, see the documentation provided by ReadMe.


Integration with Transifex is available on the ReadMe Enterprise Plan

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