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Explore the capabilities of Transifex AI and streamline your localization process for improved efficiency and accuracy.

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Transifex AI enables you to efficiently translate large volumes of strings using AI-powered tasks. Alternatively, you can focus on translating and editing individual strings, tailoring your approach to each specific linguistic need.

Transifex AI offers intuitive options to achieve your desired results and helps you optimize your translation workflow. Discover how to automate your translation process, enhance your strings, and integrate AI-generated translations seamlessly.

You can start using Transifex AI directly from the editor without any prior configuration by clicking on the respective button:

After selecting the appropriate option based on whether you are editing source strings or translating, you can take advantage of the following features:

Editing Source Strings

You can rephrase, enhance for SEO purposes, or shorten the selected source string.

​The “Enhance SEO” feature optimizes content by leveraging advanced AI algorithms that analyze and understand the context of the string to improve its search engine visibility.


Click on the AI icon to translate untranslated strings using Transifex AI. All options in the translation area will remain disabled until the translation is ready.

For strings that have already been translated, you can either translate them again using Transifex AI, rephrase them, enhance them for SEO purposes, or shorten the translated strings (same options as the ones presented above for source strings editing).

After clicking on one of the options above and AI returns the result, you have two options:

Regenerate response

If the generated result is not satisfactory and you would like an alternative, clicking the "Regenerate response" option will provide you with an alternative text.

Use it

By clicking on the "Use it" button, the generated response will be directly copied to the translation area. From there, you can edit or save it as you would typically do with any other translation text.

Context-based translations using your custom terminology

Transifex AI incorporates your specific terminology, ensuring translations are both contextually relevant and precisely aligned with your language requirements.

This customized approach optimizes the translation process, promoting efficiency and maintaining consistency throughout your content.

Visit our AI FAQ article to learn more.


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