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Transifex AI tasks provide a powerful way for translating content at scale, optimizing your localization workflow with efficiency.

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📝 Note: Transifex AI tasks feature is available on the Growth plan and up.

Creating AI Tasks

Learn how to set up efficient translation workflows with Transifex AI tasks. Discover our precision-meets-speed approach, ensuring uninterrupted progress in AI-powered translations for an enhanced localization experience.

Step #1: Selecting Strings and Initiating Task Creation

Within the Editor, select the strings you want to create a task for. Then, click the 'Create task' button to open the task wizard and proceed with the creation of the task.

Step 2: Defining task parameters

Select one of the task types from the dropdown. There are three task types available:

  • Translate: Use this option to only translate strings using Transifex AI. Transifex AI is preselected.

  • Review: This option combines Transifex AI translation with subsequent human review. If you select this, you can set a due date for the review subtasks.

  • Proofreading: This review option is available if the proofreading step is enabled for your project. Similar to the Review task type, this option combines Transifex AI translation with subsequent human reviews. If you select this, you can set a due date for both review and proofreading subtasks.

Next, provide the task with a name, assign a priority, offer a brief description, and set the due dates. For translation tasks utilizing Transifex AI, the due date corresponds to the task creation date, as the translations will be completed and delivered on the same day.

At the bottom of the task wizard, you can review the list of resources included in the task.

Click 'Next' to move on to the next step.

Step 3: Selecting Languages and Creating task

Select the languages for translating, reviewing, or proofreading your content, and then click 'Next'.

Depending on your task type, the following will happen:

  • For translation tasks, the task will be created instantly, and Transifex AI will start working on the translations you requested.

  • For review and proofread tasks, you'll be prompted to define the assignees for the review/proofread work. Once finished, click 'Create Task' to finalize.

After creating the task, you can go to the task directly or close the wizard and return to the Editor.

Viewing Transifex AI Tasks

To view your tasks, navigate to 'Tasks' from the main menu. Tasks are organized by due date, with the closest ones listed at the top.

Please be aware that changing the assignee from Transifex AI to another person is not an available option for Transifex AI translation subtasks.

📝Note: Transifex AI translation subtasks cannot be interrupted, and deleting a task does not stop the translation process that may be in progress.


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