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Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

How to add 2FA for extra authentication step when signing in your account

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Two-factor authentication is an extra login step that adds an additional layer of security to your Transifex account. When enabled, you provide your username, password, and a verification code from an Authenticator app such as Google Authenticator.

Setup 2FA

  1. Download and install an authentication app on your mobile device to enable 2FA.

  2. Head to user settings in Transifex via the main menu. Scroll down at the bottom of the page and click on the "Enable Two Factor Authentication" button.

  3. Open your phone, scan the barcode on the screen, and click next.

  4. Enter the verification code you see on your phone. You may select the “Remember this computer for 30 days” checkbox before you click next.

  5. A set of 10 recovery codes will be generated. Print or download these codes and store them in case you lose access to your phone.

📝Note: When a user logs in to the platform, a user session is created. This session will remain active for a period of 30 days, and it will be renewed automatically as the user continues interacting with the platform. However, if the user remains inactive for 30 consecutive days, the session will expire, and the user will be logged out automatically.

Disable 2FA

If you wish to disable 2FA, go to user settings in Transifex, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the "Disable Two Factor Authentication" button. A verification window will pop up. Click Disable and the 2FA will be deactivated for your account.

Generate backup codes

You can generate a new set of codes anytime via the user settings page in Transifex. Specifically:

  1. Go to the Two-Factor Authentication section.

  2. Click on the View backup codes button.

  3. Click "Generate new codes".

  4. Download or print the new codes.

⚠️Two-Factor Authentication & SSO: When SSO and 2FA are both enabled for a Transifex user, only one method can be utilized during the login process.

Enforce 2FA

📝Note: This feature is only available on the Premium plan and up.

To mandate all users to sign in using 2FA, enable the enforce 2FA option following the steps below:

  1. Go to your organization settings from the main navigation.

  2. On the left menu, click on the 2FA Settings tab and select the checkbox Enforce Two-Factor Authentication for all members.

  3. A window will pop up to verify your selection. If you do not have 2FA enabled for yourself, this pop-up window will not appear. You must first enable 2FA in your account and then proceed to the organization's enforcement 2FA action.

💡Tip: We suggest informing your collaborators through organization announcements before enforcing 2FA.

What would happen to your organization's users after enforcing 2FA?

Logged in users

If a user is logged into an organization where 2FA has recently been enforced, their experience will depend on whether or not they have 2FA enabled. If the user has 2FA enabled, they will not experience any change and can continue to work as normal. However, if the user has not yet enabled 2FA, they will be prompted with a pop-up message requesting them to enable 2FA.

Logged out users

Users who are logged out of their accounts but have already enabled 2FA will not experience any change in their accounts and can continue to work as usual once they log back in. However, users who are logged out and have not yet enabled 2FA will be prompted with a popup message asking them to enable 2FA for their accounts when they attempt to join the organization.


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