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Working with branches and linking multiple repositories with the GitLab integration.

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Linking multiple repositories to a project

You can connect multiple repositories to the same project after you link your first repository. To do so, visit your Projects settings > Integrations tab and click the Manage link under the GitLab section to load the integration’s UI. Then click on the ellipsis and select "Link a new repository."

You can switch between the two repositories by clicking on your account name in the top left corner of the integration’s UI.

Whenever you switch between the different repositories, you will see information about resources and the activity log of the selected repository only.

📝Note: More information about working with branches can be found in this article.

Claim ownership of a GitLab integration

The GitLab integration is a feature that works by using an authorization token that is generated by the user who sets it up. It is important to note that if the user who created the integration is removed from the organization or deletes their account, there may be issues when the GitLab integration attempts to sync.

In order to avoid this issue, another user in the organization should access the GitLab integration page of your project and claim ownership of the integration.

You can claim ownership of the integration by clicking the "Claim ownership" button in the GitLab integration wizard and then selecting "Claim" in the pop-up window that consequently appears.


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