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Bitbucket: Manual Syncing and Editing
Bitbucket: Manual Syncing and Editing

How to trigger a manual sync between Transifex and Bitbucket

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Manually Triggering The Integration

There is an option to send localized content to Bitbucket manually without waiting for a resource to be 100% translated/reviewed/proofread. A "Manual Sync" option is available on the Projects settings > Integrations > Manage.

A modal will appear requesting the threshold localization percentage that Transifex will check on all your project's resources.

All target languages that are localized above that threshold will be synced with Bitbucket using the Sync content options you have set up for the integration.

For example, suppose you had set up Bitbucket integration to Sync 100% translated resources by creating a commit to the selected branch. In that case, the manual process will identify all target languages whose translation percentage is equal to or above the threshold percentage you set on the modal, thereby creating a commit for each resource for each target language.

📝Note: If you send less than 100% translated content to Bitbucket, the untranslated content will be sent as either empty or containing the source string as the translation. This behavior is contingent on the file format. This functionality is analogous to selecting the "download for use" option in the user interface or the default mode in the GO CLI or API.

If you would like a more detailed description of how the default translation pull mode behaves for a particular file format, please visit the link below and look for the file format(s) you're interested in.

Editing a project's Bitbucket integration settings

As your project evolves, you may end up wanting to either extend the files you are syncing from Bitbucket or change the workflow of pushing localized content back on Bitbucket. To edit your options, visit your Projects settings > integrations tab and click the Manage link under the Bitbucket section to load the integration’s UI. Then click on the ellipsis and select Edit Settings.

While the interface used for editing is the same as that used during the initial setup, you will only be able to:

  • Update the files to be synced in the Bitbucket repository by changing the YAML configuration.

  • Change options on how updates from Transifex are sent back to Bitbucket.

⚠️Warning: If you remove an already synced file or directory from the YAML configuration, the associated resource(s) will no longer be synced with the corresponding file(s) in Bitbucket.

Please also keep in mind that when you change your YAML configuration:

  • Transifex resources are affected - If previously synced resources cannot be found in the updated configuration file, the corresponding resources in Transifex will automatically be deleted from your project.

  • When a resource is deleted, strings’ metadata like review state, tags, and screenshot mappings are also removed from Transifex.


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