Working with PDF files

Working with PDF files in Transifex.

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Working with PDF files in Transifex is supported by converting to DocX, HTML, PPTX, or XLSX files. In case your PDF contains tabular data, please consider conversion to XLSX.

Online conversion tools

Here are some conversion tools that you can use with your PDF files:

This is a free online converter service that supports PDF files. You can use it to upload or download files up to 15Mb in size. The free service allows for one file upload per hour. Some available conversion options include DocX, PPTX, and XLSX, all supported by Transifex.

Another free online service that allows conversion to DocX, TXT, and XLSX for documents up to 200 pages or 50 Mb. The free service allows for three file uploads per hour. Any uploaded files are automatically deleted after 2 hours.

It's another free online converter offering DocX, PPTX, and XLSX conversion options. Any uploaded files are deleted after 2 hours.

PDF desktop conversion tool

For cases where you want to avoid uploading your PDF to an online tool, here are some options you can install on your computer.

Acrobat DC is available on PC and Mac devices, supporting exports to DocX, PPTX, and XLSX.

An application that is available for PC and Mac devices. It allows you to convert PDFs to DocX, HTML, and XLSX.

Soda PDF also offers an online conversion tool supporting the same formats, DocX, HTML, and XLSX.

Converting localized files to PDF

Working with intermediate files exported from a PDF will require tweaking to move any images to a new position so that the localized text fits better or fix an unsupported Font Family for a specific language.

When you are done processing the intermediate DocX, PPTX, HTML, or XLSX file, visit the Print option in your tool and select 'Print to file' to generate the final localized PDF version.


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