• File extension: .ts

  • i18n type: QT

This is the format used by the Qt Framework.


<name>Additional information for the translator</name>
<source>Email address</source>
<translation>Email address</translation>
<message numerus="yes">
<location filename="../transifex/src/core.py" line="512"/>
<source>%s minute</source>
<numerusform>%s minute</numerusform><numerusform>%s minutes</numerusform>
<name>Additional information for the translator: This appears on the login page</name>
<source>Please provide your username</source>
<comment>field for username</comment>
<extracomment>Please translate as close to the original as possible</extracomment>
<translation>Please provide your username</translation>

  1. Any text that is included in the <name></name> paired tag is handled as context for the translators. This text can be found under the Context tab in the editor as shown below:


  2. In case both name and comment are provided, e.g.


    then the context field in the editor contains 'name:comment' as shown below:


  3. The value of the filename attribute (e.g. <location filename="../transifex/src/core.py" line="512"></location>) is available in the Occurrences field:


  4. Any text inside extra comment tags (e.g. Please translate as close to the original as possible) is handled as developer notes:


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