Reviewing Translations

Review translated strings to mark them as approved for use.

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Reviewing is an essential step in the translation process. It ensures that each translation is error-free and meets your quality standards. Once a string in Transifex has been marked as reviewed, it can't be edited by Translators.

πŸ“ Note: Only Admins, Project Maintainers, Language Coordinators, and Reviewers can review and edit reviewed strings.

If a reviewer is the one who translated a string, they can also mark it as reviewed. However, reviewers are not allowed to proofread the strings they have reviewed. These constraints do not apply to Maintainers, Admins, and team managers.

Reviewing translations

To review a string:

  1. Enter the Editor and find the string you want to review. Click the Unreviewed button above the search box to see just the unreviewed strings.

  2. From the strings list on the left, click on the string you want to mark as reviewed.

  3. In the translation box, hit Review.

In the strings list, reviewed strings are marked by a checkmark. If you want to open up a string for translation again, you can click the Unreview button to unreview the string.

πŸ“ Note: A Reviewer can edit an existing translation reviewed by them or any other user with review permissions. If a reviewed string is edited, its reviewed state is preserved.

Proofreading strings

Proofreading is a second review step that can be enabled in a project's workflow settings. If the project you're working on has this enabled, the action button in the translation box will become a Proofread button after a string has been marked as reviewed. Click on it to mark a string as proofread. Proofread strings have a double checkmark next to them in the string list.

Reviewing multiple strings at a time

Instead of reviewing strings one by one, you can use the batch edit function to mark multiple strings as reviewed:

  1. Enter the Editor and find the strings you want to review. Click the Unreviewed button above the search box to see just the unreviewed strings.

  2. Use the checkboxes next to each string to select the strings you want to mark as reviewed. To select all the strings in the list, click the checkbox to the right of the search box.


  3. Once you've selected a set of strings, hit the Review button in the right panel. Your selected strings will be marked as reviewed.

Unreviewing strings

A reviewed string can be unreviewed. When you unreview a string, it returns it to the translated state, allowing Translators to edit the translation and Reviewers to review it again.

To unreview a string you've previously marked as reviewed:

  1. From the list of strings inside the Editor, click on the one you want to unreview.

  2. The Unreview button in the translation box will be enabled if you can revoke your review. Click on it to unreview the string.

To unreview multiple strings at once:

  1. Select the strings you want to unreview using the checkboxes in the strings list.

  2. In the right panel that appears, click Unreview. This will bring the selected strings back to the translated state.

πŸ’‘Tip: In the Editor, you can easily filter for all reviewed strings by selecting "Reviewed" in the search filter and then choosing Yes.


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