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Starting with the Basics
Starting with the Basics

Everything you need to know to start localizing with Transifex.

Translating with the Web EditorLearn how to use Transifex's Web Editor to translate content.
Ordering TranslationsA general guide for ordering translations through Transifex.
Ordering Translations from TextMaster Using TemplatesTake advantage of Project Templates when placing an order with TextMaster through Transifex.
Uploading TranslationsUpload translations done outside of Transifex into Transifex.
Reviewing TranslationsReview translated strings to mark them as approved for use.
Suggesting TranslationsMake translation suggestions and vote on other people's suggestions.
Translating Video SubtitlesTranslate video subtitle files while watching the video play in the Editor.
Translating with Visual ContextUse Screenshots to see how a string is used within the app or website you’re translating.
Translating HTML ContentLearn how to translate variables and HTML content in Transifex.
Translate OfflineDownload files to translate offline using a tool of your choice.
Downloading TranslationsDownload translations for use from Transifex once translations are done.
Exporting Translated Strings via EditorDownload translated strings for one or more resources in a specific language
Seeing Translation Memory LeverageSee Translation Memory leverage before translations start to estimate how much work needs to be done.
Using Translation Memory and Concordance SearchUse Translation Memory suggestions and Concordance Search to translate more quickly and consistently.
Editor StringsSearch strings across all your organization's projects and languages.
Using the GlossaryLearn how to translate underlined terms or phrases in the Editor.
Preventing Translation EditsPrevent translators from submitting new translations or editing existing translations by locking a resource or adding smart tags.
Other Tools in the EditorUncover all the tips and tricks, from character limits and instructions to keyboard shortcuts and comments.