Translating with Visual Context

Use Screenshots to see how a string is used within the app or website you’re translating.

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📝 Note: Screenshots are only available on the Growth plan and up.

When translating, it might not always be clear what a phrase means. With Screenshots, you can see – with the help of a screenshot in the Editor – how a string is used within the app or website you’re working on.

Any string with an associated screenshot will have an Image icon next to it in the Editor’s strings list.


Translating with Screenshots isn’t too different from translating any other string.

Here’s how it works:

  1. In the Editor, click on the string you want to translate.

  2. Under the translation box, you’ll see a Screens section with the corresponding screenshot(s).


  3. Click on an image to open it up. Your selected string will be highlighted in blue in the screenshot. Click on the image to pan around it.


  4. Type your translation into the translation box.

  5. Hit Save to save your translation, and click the x icon above the screenshot to close it. Alternatively, click the View all mapped strings toggle above the screenshot.

    This reveals the rest of the strings on the screenshot that can be translated. Simply click on a highlighted string to translate it, then click "Save all" when you’re done translating.



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