Suggesting Translations

Make translation suggestions and vote on other people's suggestions.

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Adding a suggestion

You can add translation suggestions to either untranslated or already translated strings. You just need to type the translation text you consider that suits there best and add it as a suggestion. Specifically:

  1. From the strings list on the left, click on the string you want to add a suggestion for. Your selected string will appear on the right-hand side in the source string area

  2. Add your translation text and then click the Save as Suggestion option:

  3. User suggestions are available under the suggestions tab:



Your newly added suggestion automatically gets your vote.

Voting on suggestions

When you see a suggestion you like, hit the vote button to the left of the suggestion to vote on it. Your voted suggestion is highlighted so you can easily see what you have voted for.


To keep things fair, you can only vote on one suggestion per string. But if you ever change your mind or see another suggestion you like better, you can unvote or vote for the other suggestion.

String with many suggestions and votes

When a string has many suggestions and votes, the suggestion with the most votes is listed at the top of the list.


Looking For User Suggestions

Through Transifex Web Editor, users have the option to list all strings with user suggestions available by using the filter user_suggestions:yes


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