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Take your translation game to the next level with Transifex Native.

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Transifex Native is a collection of tools that allow for easy localization of your applications. Install the provided SDK to push or pull content for localization directly with Transifex without needing a file.


In the graph, you see that with Transifex Native, new code is released to your application while localization work is done in parallel.

With this solution, Transifex serves a development environment where parallel development and multiple releases are the norms, perfectly matching the current development flow (Continuous Iteration/Continuous Development). Localization becomes a seamless part of the development cycle. Engineers have no delays or additional steps to manage localization. Transifex Native runs in parallel with minimal supervision.

Create a Native project

To get started, you will need to set up a Native project. You can visit your organization page in Transifex and press the "Create new project" button.

Fill up all information about your project and pick Transifex Native in the project type.

After creating your project, Transifex navigates you to the resource page with instructions to share with a developer. At the bottom of that screen, you will see an option to generate Native credentials.

Generating Native Credentials

Native credentials refer to API TOKEN and SECRET used in all the Native SDK implementations that are used to exchange data between Transifex Native and Transifex application:

  • API TOKEN is used to read (GET) content from Transifex Native into your application

  • API SECRET is used to send (POST) content from your application to Transifex Native for translation.

You can read more about how communication works in the Transifex Native CDS whitepaper.

If you have just created your Native project, you will see the option to Generate Native credentials right after creating your project, as displayed in the image above.

To access the interface for Native credentials, visit the resources page of a Native project and click on a resource. Then click on the Manage Native Credentials option on the top right of the page.


Entering native resource settings, you will see information about the created API TOKEN and SECRET and the option to re-generate the Native Credentials.


๐Ÿ“ Note: For more information on Transifex Native and all supported SDKs, please have a look at our detailed article in our Developer Hub.


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