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Getting started with Transifex Native
Getting started with Transifex Native
Getting started with Transifex Native

Let's dive into Transifex Native!

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Get Started

To get started with Transifex Native, you will need to create a Native project from the Transifex application and generate the Native credentials you can use on any application you will be using Native with.

Kickstart your Transifex Native project on your framework of choice. Choose the framework that fits your project to check a quick start guide. You can also check out the Transifex Native feature matrix on what each framework supports.

What comes next?

Transifex Native will be available to more frameworks based on expressed interest and evaluation. Additionally, Transifex Native is developed as an open-source project so that more people can contribute to or expand the solution. We have set up a Native specifications document as a blueprint for building a Transifex Native SDK on new frameworks.


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