Integrate with Transifex and automate your localization process. Here are a few things you can do.

Make Localization a Continuous, Automated Process

Save engineering time from manual, mundane tasks and release localized content in parallel to the development cycle.

  • Browse the Transifex API and create custom integrations with the Translation Management System.

  • Install the Transifex CLI to push and pull content for localization.

  • Use Webhooks to get notifications and trigger jobs, when the translation process is complete.

  • Explore the available integrations in the user documentation.

Over the air

Level up your localization development experience with Transifex Native and cloud-based localization. Publish translation updates to Django, JavaScript, Python, iOS and Android apps instantly with Framework Specific SDKs that follow a universal localization syntax.

Code repositories

Seamlessly integrate your Github and Bitbucket repositories with your Transifex projects to sync localization efforts across platforms.

Embed L10n in your CI/CD process

Transifex supports over 46 localization file formats. For most file formats, Transifex uses UTF-8 encoding. Transifex supports plurals for all file formats that support them, e.g. Android, Apple strings, Java, JSON with ICU plurals, Structured JSON, XLIFF and YAML.

For more information, check out the Hub:

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