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Uploading a wrong source file

In case you've uploaded the wrong source file, this is what we recommend doing to revert the changes:

  1. Upload the correct source file to Transifex.

  2. Enable the option "Translation Memory Fill-up" which can be found on your project's settings page.

After that, when TM detects the old strings, it will automatically populate all the previously submitted translations if there is a 100% match, as the old translations are kept in the Translation Memory of your project.

Uploading a wrong translation file

In case a wrong translation file has been uploaded, all the previously submitted translations can be found under the History tab in the editor since Transifex keeps track of the translation history of each string.

There are the following options to prevent such issues from happening:

  • Use our Command-line Client to automate the backup process. Once it is installed, it's a matter of three commands to achieve what you want:

    1. Initialize a Transifex project: $ tx init.

    2. Add resources to your configurations to mirror your project with your local instance: $ tx add.

    3. Pull source and translation files at once: $ tx pull -s -a.

    The last command fetches all source and translation files at once.

  • There is also the option to download all the translations of a resource at once as a zip file just by clicking on the available option "Zip" which can be found on the resource's detailed page.


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