2023 Releases
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Dec 2023


  • Enhanced Excel parser to support multiple sheets.

  • AI Enhancement: Context-based translations using your custom terminology.

  • Redesigned navigation menu for an enhanced user experience.

  • TX Strings: Sorting improvements.

  • Released Unstructured XLSX parser.

Nov 2023


  • Released integration with Alexa Translations A.I.

  • Released Transifex AI Beta.

Oct 2023


  • Introduced a new GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab integration setting, allowing you to set time intervals between commits.

  • Introduced a new attribute within TX Live, enabling the management of multiple instances of the same source string as distinct entities.

  • Enhanced glossary security, allowing you to protect glossary terms across Google Translate, Microsoft Translator, DeepL Translate, and KantanMT.

  • Task Creation and Management in Transifex

  • Option to define HTML tags that Transifex Live will recognize and treat the content within those tags as a single string.

  • Improved Figma integration by appending new tags when updating the source from Figma to Transifex, without overwriting any pre-existing tags associated with the strings.

  • Introduced the "Resource" filter in the editor.

  • Enhancements to glossary and machine translation integration.

  • Introduced a new setting within the WordPress plugin to enable translation of URLs.

  • Integration with Azure Repos.

  • New and refreshed dashboard UI.

  • Added support for Self-Hosted GitLab installations.

Sept 2023


  • Zendesk to Transifex syncing limit increased from 2 to 4 hours.

  • Editor's comments now highlight only the usernames of users who are part of the translation team and the project's maintainers' list.

  • Color changes for translated, untranslated, and reviewed strings' status.

  • Improved style guides editor and rendering.

  • Option to retain or remove translations when pushing source updates from Figma to Transifex

  • Option to sort strings in the editor according to the number of source words.

  • Advanced tag search functionality in the editor with OR and AND operators.

  • Option to automatically review translations performed by Translation Memory.


  • Resolved issue where Zendesk incorrectly populated source as target.

  • Fixed origin value for review history entries in the editor.

Aug 2023


  • Option to select multiple resources within a project and download all associated translations in a zip file with just one click.

  • Enhanced Translation Management:

    • Finer search with added filters

    • Cross-project search functionality

    • Simplified collaboration across roles

  • [GitHub/BitBucket/GitLab] Option to differentiate the configuration (PR or direct commit) between the default branch and branches associated with the multi-branch feature.

  • New WordPress plugin version compatible with WordPress 6.2.

  • Updated project maintainers' permissions, allowing them to access translation activity data for the translation team assigned to the projects they manage.

  • Option to sort translation or source strings in the editor according to their most recent modification date.

  • Retain the chosen string selection even after removing filters in the editor.

  • Option to modify Translation Memory entries through Transifex Web Interface.

  • Introduced a new option --excluded-files in the push command for Transifex iOS SDK.

  • Enhanced string history in the Editor, revealing reviewed, proofread, and translation deletion actions.

  • Figma Integration: Expanded screenshot support to allow users to send screenshots linked to specific Figma sections to Transifex.

  • TX Live: Added support for srcset for translate_urls option in case of dynamic content.

  • Removed unnecessary white spaces initially introduced for tag preservation, which are no longer needed with the implementation of notranslate wrapping for Google, Amazon, and DeepL MT services.


  • Fixed issues with Google MT text mode, including unnecessary notranslate tags in translation text.

  • Fixed issue where images within specific HTML structures were not highlighted in the live editor for localization.

  • Fixed Amazon glossary upload issue when empty glossary terms were present in the CSV.

  • Fixed loading issue with the Zendesk Wizard.

  • Fixed issue related to string ordering numbers in the editor.

  • Fixed issue where, after clearing filters in the editor, the focus would shift to the first string in the list instead of retaining the last selected string.

  • Fixed MT settings issue that caused the loss of existing credentials when updating settings.

  • Fixed issue with incorrect string IDs in the editor's address bar, providing informative error messages to the end user.

  • Fixed source file synchronization issue by marking download resource translations as "failed" during concurrent downloading and uploading, preventing issues with hashes in translations.

  • Fixed issue with saving translations for pluralized strings in the editor.

July 2023


  • Figma Enhancements:

    • Option to pull source updates from Transifex directly into Figma

    • Option to pull translations for selected frames into the current page or create a new page with only the chosen frames.

    • Preserve the string history in Transifex while pushing source updates from Figma.

  • Zendesk: Enhanced Syncing Status Report

  • Added support for gender "other"

  • Option to retain current translations when updating source strings via UI/API/Go CLI.

  • Option to sort collaborators on the Manage Collaborators page by name, username, and last seen.

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.8 - New flags have been introduced:

    • --replace-edited-strings

    • --keep-translations

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.9

    • Improved remote source configuration to gracefully handle errors with fileless native projects.

    • Fixed infinite loops on download failures

  • New language added: Nyanja (Malawi) (ny_MW)

  • Transifex Native

      • Add t() translation method for cases where Transifex iOS logic cannot intercept the localization (e.g., SwiftUI).

      • pushTranslations() now reports back any generated warnings as a separate array.

      • Push logic detects and reports warnings such as duplicate source string keys or empty source string keys.

      • pushTranslations() now accepts a configuration object that holds any extra options that might need to be set during the push logic.

      • push command now logs any warnings and errors generated during the processing and push of the source strings.

      • Source strings that only exist in files not supported by Transifex SDK are now omitted.

      • Extra options have been introduced for the push command: --override-tags, --override-occurrences, --keep-translations.

      • Push logic detects and reports warnings such as duplicate source string keys or empty source string keys.

      • The default value for the hashKeys option of the push command has been flipped, so by default, the tool does not hash the keys of the provided source strings, respecting the original keys passed by developers.

    • CDS (4.x.x): Will ignore empty strings or keys when pushing to fix edge cases and also merge occurrences when pushing.

    • Javascript SDK (5.4.0): Compliance with how CDS handles occurrences.

    • Python SDK (3.4.0): Compliance with how CDS handles occurrences.


  • Fixed Figma pull issue for elements that do not belong to a frame.

  • Fixed issue with languages list updates in the WordPress plugin.

  • Fixed parsing issue in Structured JSON parser.

  • Fixed translation checks behavior for URLs enclosed in brackets without spaces.

  • Fixed issue with Captcha in user messages.

  • Fixed issue with comment filter in the editor when text contains the dollar sign ($) or single quote (').

  • Fixed UI issue with lengthy editor tags.

  • Fixed editor issue with "Use this" option not being available in the earliest translation entry.

  • Fixed hashes issue caused by Google MT.

  • Fixed issue with line breaks being removed after applying Google MT.

  • Fixed TX Live issue when serving translations for dynamic content.

  • Fixed sorting on the Strings page.

  • Fixed Google MT errors caused by strings containing # without {}. Also, resolved errors with plurals and fill-ups when source strings contain protected strings.

June 2023


  • Zendesk Enhancements:

    • Option to search for content with a given label.

    • Option to auto-pull new or updated source articles from Zendesk into Transifex.

    • Introducing a webhooks update that enables automatic sending of translation edits to Zendesk in completed languages (100% translated/reviewed/proofread).

    • Fetch localized articles in Zendesk and have the option to decide whether to publish them immediately or save them as drafts.

    • Map Zendesk ja_jp locale to transifex ja and ja_JP locales

  • New filter options in the editor

    • Option to provide multiple usernames in the translator and reviewer filters.

    • Option to search for strings where the translator or reviewer is not a specific user or users.

  • Option to configure MT on a per-language level.

  • Option to modify your VAT information using the Transifex user interface.

  • Removed Twitter Sign-in/Sign-up Option.

  • Improved HTML tags recognition.

  • Make Microsoft Translator Text API available for Serbian languages (Cyrillic and Latin).


  • Fixed issue with Timeline updates when source content is updated.

  • Fixed issue with search functionality when text contains brackets.

  • Fixed issue with glossary checks filter in the editor.

May 2023


  • Option to group GitHub/BitBucket PRs when pushing translation updates from Transifex to the repo.

  • Option to filter and retrieve Origin information with the Resource_Translations API endpoint.

  • Option to filter issues by status in Slack-Transifex Integration.

  • Integration with Contentful.

  • Option to create source variants of the same term for your Transifex glossary.

  • Enhanced search functionality for Zendesk content in Transifex.

  • Improved user experience for glossary assignment with mismatched target languages.

  • Updated color UI for improved source string history visualization

  • Extended Maintainers' permissions for UI-based editing of editor issues, ensuring consistency between UI and API.

  • Integration with GitLab.

  • Automated Synchronization: Update source files in Github/Bitbucket/GitLab with source strings edited in Transifex.

  • Exposed comment filter in the list of filters when switching to source editor mode.


  • Fixed complication issues in the PO parser.

  • Fixed issue with pluralized translations in Japanese/Chinese for DeepL MT.

  • Fixed issue with the editor's translation save functionality and closing HTML tags.

  • Fixed loading issue for TX Native project settings page.

  • Fixed issue with TM entry deletion when a newer version is introduced.

  • Fixed LexiQA integration error in the editor.

April 2023


  • Version 3.2.0 of Transifex CDS has been released, adding support for Azure Storage. You can leverage Azure Storage and Azure CDN to speed up content delivery.

  • Option to create translation variants of the same term for your Transifex glossary

  • New Drupal plugin version compatible with Drupal 10 released.

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.7

  • Figma - Improved performance for strings' selection and deselection

  • Slack integration improvements:

    • Add filters to issues command to retrieve open or resolved issues for a project selectively. The syntax is the following:

      • To return only open issues: /tx issues <project> open

      • To return only resolved issues: /tx issues <project> resolved

  • New languages added: Russian (QT FILETYPE) (ru@qtfiletype), Polish (QT FILETYPE) (pl@qtfiletype), Northern Luri (lrc), Southern Luri (luz), Bambara (bm)

  • Added Welsh (CY) to E2f Order wizard.

  • Improved glossary parsing error messages to communicate errors caused by incorrect delimiters.


  • Slack integration - Fixed pagination and 'all' parameter issues

  • Fixed compilation issues in the JSON parser related to whitespace-only strings.

  • Fixed hash issues in Amazon MT translations for strings that include variables.

  • Fixed layout issue related to whitespace when opening the TX Live sidebar on websites.

  • Fixed the issue with the length of the "search identical strings" link.

March 2023


  • New GitHub/BitBucket enhancements

    • Ability to auto-sync less than 100% translated/reviewed proofread content back to your repo

    • Ability to add a prefix to Transifex commit messages

    • Ability to either create a new or update an existing PR

    • Ability to create branches from Pull Requests

    • Ability to use dynamic filters in YAML configuration file

  • When the language selected in Zendesk does not correspond to the one used in Transifex, an error message containing useful information will be displayed.

  • Figma RTL improvements:

    • Right-align text for RTL language translations.

    • Reverse string direction in the plugin window for RTL language on plugin-generated pages.

  • [DeepL] Introduced an extra option to apply default formality to non-supported languages

  • Enhanced tx live behavior to automatically delete source strings when ignoring paths.

  • Improvements have been implemented in the review process that prevent reviewers from proofreading the same strings they have already reviewed.

  • Introduced a "Show all occurrences" link in TM suggestion results.

  • Released the option to enforce 2FA

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.6

  • New languages added: Atanque (qji), Czech (QT FILETYPE) (cs@qtfiletype)

  • Enable team managers to perform bulk updates on strings using "Bulk update a resource strings collection" endpoint.

  • Released @transifex/cli: 5.2.0 version of the JS SDK adding support for the following two commands:

    • txjs-cli push src/ --do-not-keep-translations

    • txjs-cli push src/ --override-tags


  • Fixed issue with pluralized strings when requesting XLIFF translation files for QT resources

  • Introduced a fix preventing reviewers from proofreading the strings they reviewed

  • Fixed the order of words returned in XLSX files for RTL languages via API.

Feb 2023


  • [TX Native - iOS] Added additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status

  • Released new integrations for GitHub and BitBucket

  • Released the option to enforce SSO

  • [Transifex Native] Usage metrics by CDS

  • Improved the behavior of the Structured JSON parser when invalid JSON is included in a localization source file

  • The wording on the timeline of projects has been updated to reflect timespan in days

  • UI improvements when a user does not have access to advanced options due to role restrictions

  • The "Last Update" format has been standardized across various pages in Transifex

  • [TX Live] The translate_url attribute can now be used globally to parse href and src attributes in HTML, even when the content is dynamic

  • TX Native Analytics: New Graph for Content Exchange

  • New languages added:

    • Chinese Simplified (Wu) (wuu-Hans)

    • Chinese Traditional (Wu) (wuu-Hant)


  • Fixed issue with minimum-perc skip message

  • Fixed issue with tx resource name updates when the name of Zendesk articles is updated

  • Fixed issue with the PO parser when msgstr value is a newline

  • Fixed reformatting issue in translations during the save operation when space between placeholders is removed

  • Fixes in the editor search functionality to properly handle search queries containing special characters

  • Fixed issue with create project button when switching from "Create a new team" and "Assign to team"

  • Fixed XLIFF parsing error when all translations are marked as "approved=no"

Jan 2023


  • Translation Memory Enhancements

    • Extended TM auto-fill ups adding support for pluralized strings

    • Extended Translation Memory Management page, including pluralized TM suggestions

    • Extended the list of events that trigger auto-fill ups

    • Extended TMX files, including pluralized TM entries

  • [TX Native - Django] Added additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status

  • Added a reset password link on the user settings page

  • New filters added to the Search strings page for the date category:

    • translated_before

    • source_updated_before

  • [Editor UI] When parsing a string, prioritize legacy variables over custom placeholders


  • Removed XLIFF option as an intermediate file format when the original file type of a resource is already XLIFF

  • Fixed editor issue when navigating from one plural form to another

  • Fixed filters issue on the timeline page of projects when navigating from one page to another

  • Fixed review status issue for MT-translated strings

  • Fixed MT issue when translating a pluralized string in raw editor mode

  • Fixed "used" message in the editor when viewing suggestions for pluralized strings

  • Fixed "Download only reviewed translations" for JSON resources

  • Fixed highlight issue in editor results when search terms contain escaped brackets

  • Fixed white space bar issue in TX Live

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