2023 Releases
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May 2023


  • Option to group GitHub/BitBucket PRs when pushing translation updates from Transifex to the repo.

  • Option to filter and retrieve Origin information with the Resource_Translations API endpoint.

  • Option to filter issues by status in Slack-Transifex Integration.

  • Integration with Contentful.

  • Option to create source variants of the same term for your Transifex glossary.

  • Enhanced search functionality for Zendesk content in Transifex.

  • Improved user experience for glossary assignment with mismatched target languages.

  • Updated color UI for improved source string history visualization

  • Extended Maintainers' permissions for UI-based editing of editor issues, ensuring consistency between UI and API.


  • Fixed complication issues in the PO parser.

  • Fixed issue with pluralized translations in Japanese/Chinese for DeepL MT.

  • Fixed issue with the editor's translation save functionality and closing HTML tags.

  • Fixed loading issue for TX Native project settings page

April 2023


  • Version 3.2.0 of Transifex CDS has been released, adding support for Azure Storage. You can leverage Azure Storage and Azure CDN to speed up content delivery.

  • Option to create translation variants of the same term for your Transifex glossary

  • New Drupal plugin version compatible with Drupal 10 released.

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.7

  • Figma - Improved performance for strings' selection and deselection

  • Slack integration improvements:

    • Add filters to issues command to retrieve open or resolved issues for a project selectively. The syntax is the following:

      • To return only open issues: /tx issues <project> open

      • To return only resolved issues: /tx issues <project> resolved

  • New languages added: Russian (QT FILETYPE) (ru@qtfiletype), Polish (QT FILETYPE) (pl@qtfiletype), Northern Luri (lrc), Southern Luri (luz), Bambara (bm)

  • Added Welsh (CY) to E2f Order wizard.

  • Improved glossary parsing error messages to communicate errors caused by incorrect delimiters.


  • Slack integration - Fixed pagination and 'all' parameter issues

  • Fixed compilation issues in the JSON parser related to whitespace-only strings.

  • Fixed hash issues in Amazon MT translations for strings that include variables.

  • Fixed layout issue related to whitespace when opening the TX Live sidebar on websites.

  • Fixed the issue with the length of the "search identical strings" link.

March 2023


  • New GitHub/BitBucket enhancements

    • Ability to auto-sync less than 100% translated/reviewed proofread content back to your repo

    • Ability to add a prefix to Transifex commit messages

    • Ability to either create a new or update an existing PR

    • Ability to create branches from Pull Requests

    • Ability to use dynamic filters in YAML configuration file

  • When the language selected in Zendesk does not correspond to the one used in Transifex, an error message containing useful information will be displayed.

  • Figma RTL improvements:

    • Right-align text for RTL language translations.

    • Reverse string direction in the plugin window for RTL language on plugin-generated pages.

  • [DeepL] Introduced an extra option to apply default formality to non-supported languages

  • Enhanced tx live behavior to automatically delete source strings when ignoring paths.

  • Improvements have been implemented in the review process that prevent reviewers from proofreading the same strings they have already reviewed.

  • Introduced a "Show all occurrences" link in TM suggestion results.

  • Released the option to enforce 2FA

  • Released GO CLI v1.6.6

  • New languages added: Atanque (qji), Czech (QT FILETYPE) (cs@qtfiletype)

  • Enable team managers to perform bulk updates on strings using "Bulk update a resource strings collection" endpoint.

  • Released @transifex/cli: 5.2.0 version of the JS SDK adding support for the following two commands:

    • txjs-cli push src/ --do-not-keep-translations

    • txjs-cli push src/ --override-tags


  • Fixed issue with pluralized strings when requesting XLIFF translation files for QT resources

  • Introduced a fix preventing reviewers from proofreading the strings they reviewed

  • Fixed the order of words returned in XLSX files for RTL languages via API.

Feb 2023


  • [TX Native - iOS] Added additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status

  • Released new integrations for GitHub and BitBucket

  • Released the option to enforce SSO

  • [Transifex Native] Usage metrics by CDS

  • Improved the behavior of the Structured JSON parser when invalid JSON is included in a localization source file

  • The wording on the timeline of projects has been updated to reflect timespan in days

  • UI improvements when a user does not have access to advanced options due to role restrictions

  • The "Last Update" format has been standardized across various pages in Transifex

  • [TX Live] The translate_url attribute can now be used globally to parse href and src attributes in HTML, even when the content is dynamic

  • TX Native Analytics: New Graph for Content Exchange

  • New languages added:

    • Chinese Simplified (Wu) (wuu-Hans)

    • Chinese Traditional (Wu) (wuu-Hant)


  • Fixed issue with minimum-perc skip message

  • Fixed issue with tx resource name updates when the name of Zendesk articles is updated

  • Fixed issue with the PO parser when msgstr value is a newline

  • Fixed reformatting issue in translations during the save operation when space between placeholders is removed

  • Fixes in the editor search functionality to properly handle search queries containing special characters

  • Fixed issue with create project button when switching from "Create a new team" and "Assign to team"

  • Fixed XLIFF parsing error when all translations are marked as "approved=no"

Jan 2023


  • Translation Memory Enhancements

    • Extended TM auto-fill ups adding support for pluralized strings

    • Extended Translation Memory Management page, including pluralized TM suggestions

    • Extended the list of events that trigger auto-fill ups

    • Extended TMX files, including pluralized TM entries

  • [TX Native - Django] Added additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status

  • Added a reset password link on the user settings page

  • New filters added to the Search strings page for the date category:

    • translated_before

    • source_updated_before

  • [Editor UI] When parsing a string, prioritize legacy variables over custom placeholders


  • Removed XLIFF option as an intermediate file format when the original file type of a resource is already XLIFF

  • Fixed editor issue when navigating from one plural form to another

  • Fixed filters issue on the timeline page of projects when navigating from one page to another

  • Fixed review status issue for MT-translated strings

  • Fixed MT issue when translating a pluralized string in raw editor mode

  • Fixed "used" message in the editor when viewing suggestions for pluralized strings

  • Fixed "Download only reviewed translations" for JSON resources

  • Fixed highlight issue in editor results when search terms contain escaped brackets

  • Fixed white space bar issue in TX Live

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