2020 Releases
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December 2020


  • Released new pricing plans.

  • Extended special characters list in the editor per language.

  • Updated Wordpress Live plugin to support version 5.6.

  • Added new language: Samburu (saq), Turkana (tuv), Standard Moroccan Berber (zgh).

  • Added the option to export fileless resources in a structured-json format.

  • Extended glossary functionality allowing case sensitive terms to be updated via CSV file.

  • Redesigned our signup/login page.

  • Released TX Native UI.

  • Improved registration process for users who are interested in contributing to existing projects.

  • Extended resources API endpoint allowing users to define resource's i18n_type.


  • Fixed issue with XLSX files where updated character limits through the editor were not included in the exported files.

  • Fixed documentation link in the project creation page.

  • Fixed Webhooks' issue related to translation completed events.

  • Fixed issue with language codes that contain the "@" character when resource language stats are requested via API v3.

  • Fixed segmentation issue in HTML_Fragment parser.

  • Fixed issue on GitHub unlink repo

November 2020


  • Improved users' experience while posting an announcement when this contains more than 3000 characters.

  • Increased the number of fetches to 4 so that the system will auto-update resources 4 times per day


  • Fixed translation check validator for YAML files.

  • TX Client: Fix for CLI option of custom CA certificate bundle file (New Version: 0.14.2).

  • Fixed XLSX issue with character limit updates upon file upload.

  • Fixed notification issues when creating source strings via APIv3.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue with subdomain alias in brands.

  • Fixed `onlyreviewed2` mode in`STRINGSDICT` i18n_type file format

October 2020


  • Extended edit source strings feature allowing users to keep the existing translations when a source string is modified via Transifex Web Editor.

  • Added new language: Nigerian Pidgin (pcm).

  • Enabled RTL editor option for Uyghur.

  • Increased TM auto-fill up efficiency when source updates are applied.


  • Fixed compilation issue with XLSX files while trying to export them from Transifex.

  • Fixed issue with keys in XLSX parser ensuring that identical strings with different keys are handled as different strings in Transifex.

  • Fixed localstorage issue with TX Live when different live.js API keys are used in iframe under the same domain.

  • Fixed issue with TextMaster orders.

  • Fixed issue with Publish button in TX Live when already reviewed or proofread translations are updated.

  • Fixed social auth issues with Twitter and Facebook.

  • Fixed YAML parsing issues.

  • Fixed PR issue with multiple resources in GitHub integration.

  • Fixed TM overwrite issues.

  • Added XSS opt-in protection in live.js

September 2020


  • Added new languages: Swiss German (gsw), Tachawit (shy), Hungarian (Slovakia) (hu_SK).

  • Extended support for XLSX allowing users to specify character limits in XLSX source files directly.

  • Improved UI in Zendesk integration when translations fail to be synced.

  • Introduced a new setting in GitHub configuration file that allows you to specify the name of the branch Transifex generates.

  • TX Client: Use authored date as git timestamp (New Version: 0.13.12)


  • Fixed issue with edited source strings when they have not been included in the latest source file version.

  • Fixed issue with TM auto-fill up setting in Live projects.

  • Fixed escaping while replacing words in rich mode.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue when non standard locales are used.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue with dynamic content page.

  • Fixed LinkedIn social auth issue.

  • Fixed signup/signin issue with LinkedIn.

August 2020


  • Extended support for XLSX allowing users to specify their own keys in XLSX source files,

  • Updated Transifex-WordPress integration to the new version 5.5.

  • Added Captcha field when a user tries to change his email address.

  • @transifex/react - New library extension.


  • Fixed editor issue while editing HTML tags.

  • Fixed stats in the error message when MT fails to translate strings in the editor.

  • Fixed translations issue with Transifex app while switching the app to Chinese-Taiwan and Chinese-China.

  • Fixed issue with Webhook URLs that contain more than 200 characters.

  • Fixed GitHub Markdown footnote issue.

  • Fixed shadow DOM nodes not detected by Transifex live parser.

July 2020


  • Added new languages: Serbian (Republika Srpska) (sr_BA-SRP), Croatian (Republika Srpska) (hr_BA-SRP), Bosnian (Republika Srpska)(bs_BA-SRP), Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (hr_BA), Jamaican Patois (jam), Luganda (lg), Buryat (bua), Bulgarian (United States) (bg_US), English (Bulgaria) (en_BG).

  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • Teams

      • List teams [GET]

      • Create a Team [POST]

      • Delete team [DEL]

      • Get team detail [GET]

      • Update a team [PATCH]

      • Get team managers [GET]

      • Remove managers from team [DEL]

      • Get team manager relationships [GET]

      • Update team managers [PATCH]

      • Add managers to team [POST]

    • Team Memberships

      • List team memberships [GET]

      • Create a new team membership [POST]

      • Delete team membership [DEL]

      • Get single team membership [GET]

      • Update a membership's role [PATCH]

    • Statistics

      • Get resource language stats collection [GET]

      • Get resource language stats [GET]

  • Made Microsoft Machine Translation available for both zh-Hans and zh-Hant.

  • Updated Team Managers permissions allowing them to modify strings' metadata via both API and UI.

  • TX Client: CLI option for custom CA certificate bundle file (New Version: 0.13.11).

  • Improved UI for target languages with only one form in case of pluralized strings.

  • Added preselected language to editor preferences.

  • Made MT shortcut work while cursor is placed in the translation box.

  • Added an informative error message in GitHub/Bitbucket integration when the user who installed the integration on the org level is different than the one who installed the integration on the project level.

  • Added a search for selecting branch and repositories in GitHub/Bitbucket integration.

  • Made the refresh button in the YAML config dialog in GitHub/Bitbucket integration always return the previously entered configuration.

  • Exposed word count statistics on Project and Resource levels.

  • Altered the behavior of GitHub/BitBucket integration by closing an existing PR and opening a new one when new translations are pushed to a repo.


  • Fixed notifications issue when a user is invited as an admin.

  • Fixed Zendesk UI issue while selecting all articles at once (new version 3.0.11).

  • Fixed parsing issues related to office 365 excel files.

  • Fixed issue with filters that were removed from the search field while switching to another target language in the editor.

  • Fixed issue with large TMX files.

  • Fixed editor issue with resource selection.

  • Fixed the documentation link in the BitBucket integration setup at the project level.

  • Fixed YAML config example generated while setting up Bitbucket integration where the translation files path expression was not enclosed in single quotes.

  • Fixed compilation issue with XLSX file caused by merged cells.

  • Fixed GitHub/BitBucket integration issue with manual sync threshold check.

  • Fixed issue with anchors and aliases in YML.

June 2020


  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • List project webhooks [GET]

    • Create project webhook [POST]

    • Delete project webhook [DEL]

    • Get project webhooks details [GET]

    • Update project webhook [PATCH]

  • TX Client: New flag to compare file timestamp through git and slugify update (New Version: 0.13.10).

  • Added new languages: Bulgarian (Cyrillic) (bg@Cyrl), Swabian (swg), Uyghur (ug).

  • Improved Explore Projects page making it easier for users to find the most active or featured projects.


  • Made Hreflang generator respect http protocol.

  • Fixed issue with double space in the strings' list.

  • Fixed issue with "Last seen" dates.

  • Fixed issue with "not on any page" TX Live filter.

  • Fixed issues with manage collaborators page.

  • Fixed issue in the invitation pop-up where users were appearing more than once.

  • Fixed UI issue in the invitation pop-up.

  • Fixed issue with the last seen date caused by ad blockers.

  • Fixed "Show difference with source" issue caused by the presence of double spaces.

  • Fixed issue with global search string details window on Safari.

  • Fixed UI issue with apostrophe character in the translation term while the cursor is hovering over the source term.

  • Fixed issue with duplicate keys in YAML parser.

  • Fixed issue with notifications when a user is invited as an admin.

  • Fixed missing link issue in the reports email.

  • Fixed dropdown issue with resources in Transifex Live preview.

  • Fixed issue with closure compilation for live.

May 2020


  • Transifex Native is launched in BETA.

    Transifex Native is a collection of tools that allow for easy localization of your applications. You can now push or pull content for localization directly with Transifex without the need for a file.

    To learn more about the solution as well as to have a hands-on experience get in touch. Read all about Transifex Native in our documentation.


  • Added new languages: Zaza (zza), Cantonese (yue), Rusyn (rue), Hunsrik (hrx), Minangkabau (min).

  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • Create an organization activity report file download action [POST]

    • Get organization activity report download status [GET]

    • Create a project activity report file download action [POST]

    • Get activity report download status [GET]

    • Create a resource activity report file download action [POST]

    • Get activity report download status [GET]

  • Improved message when "Find and Replace" feature is used by users without the right permissions.

  • Added a new tx live setting allowing users to set their own limit for "not on any page" filter.


  • Fixed issue with notranslate automated workflow which was not triggered when a new target language was added.

  • Fixed issue with "not on any page" TX Live filter.

  • Fixed find and replace issue in the editor for translators.

  • Fixed issue with Github syncing tasks.

  • Fixed issue with user re-activation link.

  • Fixed issue with unreviewed MT translations that were added to TM as suggestions.

  • Fixed deletion issue with TM suggestions.

  • Fixed issue with orders' submission.

  • Fixed issue with resource deletion.

  • Fixed issue with organization wordcount recalculation when strings are removed from a TX live resource.

  • Fixed issue with word/string statistics.

  • Fixed escaping issue while using "Find and Replace" feature in Rich Mode.

April 2020


  • Enabled RTL editor option for Arabic (U.A.E.) (ar_AE), Arabic (Algeria) (ar_DZ), Arabic (Jordan) (ar_JO), (ar_LB).

  • Added new languages: Tumbuka (tum), Lingua Franca Nova (lfn).

  • Added a tooltip to 101% TM context matches in the editor giving a brief explanation of what that term means.

  • Handled MT API key fields as password fields.

  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • Get project context screenshot map collection [GET]

    • Upload a new context screenshot map to a resource_string [POST]

    • Delete screenshot map [DEL]

    • Get context screenshot map [GET]

    • Get project context screenshot collection [GET]

    • Delete screenshot [DEL]

    • Get context screenshot [GET]

    • Update context screenshot [PATCH]

    • Upload a new context screenshot file to a project [POST]

  • Added time to date filters in API 3.0 resource strings endpoint.


  • Fixed glossary punctuation issue.

  • Fixed issues in the source text caused by glossary terms.

  • Fixed issue while placing quotes around variable.

  • Fixed HTML issue while switching to raw editor mode.

  • Fixed TX Client issue related to symbolic links (New Version: 0.13.9).

  • Fixed disappearing translations issue.

  • Fixed 500 error while trying to access styleguides page.

  • Fixed editor stats behaviour when translation checks are triggered.

  • Fixed tags issue in TX Live.

  • Fixed escaped dotted keys issue in STRUCTURED_JSON.

  • Improved TX Live performance while approving/ignoring/deleting strings via TX Live sidebar.

  • Fixed parsing issue with HTML translation files.

  • Fixed issue with pending machine translation auto-fill up tasks.

  • Fixed currency symbol in Textmaster orders

March 2020


  • Extended the filter options available on the search strings page adding the option to search for exact matches in both source and translation text.

  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • Create a tmx file download action [POST]

    • Get tmx file download status [GET]

    • Create new TMX file upload [POST]

    • Get a TMX async upload status [GET]

  • Differentiate strings in the editor when keys contain 'male' or 'female'.

  • Added support for .jpeg allowing users to upload screenshots using this file extension too.

  • Updated WordPress-Live plugin ensuring compatibility with WordPress 5.4.

  • Added new language: Ancient Greek (grc).


  • Fixed information included in language progress reports taking into account the projects the user has access to.

  • Fixed unicode character issue with translation text filter which failed to return results in Rich mode when such a character was present.

  • Fixed TX Live behavior serving translations based on the first preferred language in a browser.

  • Improved UI on the search strings page making the headers of the filters bold when these are selected.

  • Fixed language dropdown issue while trying to invite a collaborator.

  • Fixed logo in languages and resources pages.

  • Fixed TX Client issue related to symbolic links (New Version: 0.13.8).

  • Fixed zip file issue when proofread option is enabled.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue in Transifex Sync Search.

  • Fixed issues with screenshots API endpoints.

  • Fixed issue with TMX files that failed to be reimported due to illegal characters.

  • Fixed order of issues priorities in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Fixed gender label issue when special characters are present in the strings' key.

  • Fixed deletion issue for users who subscribed using one of the available social login options.

  • Fixed search filter behaviour.

  • Fixed issue with profile updates.

  • Fixed issues with TM auto-fill up tasks.

February 2020


  • Added the option to detect tags that are not detected by default by Live JS parser.

  • Added the option to define custom rules on how variables are handled within a string segment customizing the behavior of Live JS parser.

  • Added the option to search for strings across projects within an organization.

  • Added new languages: Kirundi (rn), Gronings (gos), Berber (ber), Kadazandusun (dtp), Portuguese (Angola) (pt_AO).

  • Added Burmese (my) as extra option for E2f orders.


  • Fixed Zappier integration issue related to non-JSON files.

  • Fixed UI issue with error messages triggered by translation checks.

  • Fixed UI issue with the TextMaster Order Wizard.

  • Fixed "Find & Replace" issue related to special characters in the translation text.

  • Fixed issues with auto-update feature.

  • Fixed issue while connecting BitBucket with Transifex.

  • Fixed escaping issue with the translations coming from translation partners.

  • Fixed issue with Slack installation.

  • Fixed Markdown compilation issue with numeric values enclosed in quotes.

  • Fixed incorrect stats returned by slack command /tx stats.

  • Fixed GitHub integration issue with syncing status.

  • Fixed "let us know" link on the private profile pages.

  • Fixed issue with crowdsourced projects where translation checks were not triggered when an existing suggestion was violating the rules.

  • Fixed issue with Translation checks page when unicode characters are part of a custom placeholder.

January 2020


  • Released a new version for TX Client [0.13.7].

  • Extended filters in the editor adding a new one for repetitions.

  • New Endpoints in API V3:

    • Update a Resource Translation [PATCH]

    • Create a translation file download action [POST]

    • Create a new resource translation upload [POST]

    • Get translation download status [GET]

    • Get resource translation async upload [GET]

    • Update resource string metadata [PATCH]

    • Create a Project [POST]

    • Delete Project [DEL]

  • Added Chinese (Yue) as extra option for E2f orders.

  • Added a shortcut for NBSP (Non-breaking Space) character.

  • Got ready for the Google Chrome 80 Cookie Change


  • Fixed filename issue while TMX file is generated.

  • Fixed issue with the Help center link.

  • Fixed markdown code block issue.

  • Fixed UI issue with the sorting options in the resource detailed page.

  • Fixed loading issue with Task Management page.

  • Fixed style guide visibility issue while dark mode is enabled.

  • Fixed URLs issue in the instructions field in the editor.

  • Fixed character limit issue when line-breaks are included in the text.

  • Fixed UI issue when target is displayed as source in the editor.

  • Fixed issue with the untranslated string count.

  • Fixed GitHub integration issue when multiple resources are included in the same yaml configuration file.

  • Fixed project info on Suggestions.

  • Fixed name issue on signup page.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue related to bulk mode dynamic content download.

  • Fixed GitHub Integration issue with syncing process.

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