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Dec 2022


  • [TX Native] Added support for Vue 3 framework

  • [TX Native - Javascript] Added additional filtering options to serve translations based on a string's translation status

  • Added support for pluralized TM suggestions

  • TX Live Enhancements:

    • Moved fill-up settings under project’s workflow tab

    • Extended fill-up settings, including:

      • Translation Memory fill-ups for less than 100% matches

      • Translation Memory fill-ups for similar locales

      • The option to exclude locales from fill-ups (for both TM and MT)

      • The option to run on-demand fill-ups

  • Extend the threshold for "Translation Memory Fillup for less than 100% match" from 95% to 90%

  • Introduced extra formality setting for DeepL, giving the option to apply default formality to non-supported languages

  • Extended history in the editor by exposing formality information when DeepL is applied

  • Added new languages: French (QT FILETYPE) (fr@qtfiletype), Portuguese (QT FILETYPE) (pt@qtfiletype), Italian (QT FILETYPE) (it@qtfiletype), Spanish (QT FILETYPE) (es@qtfiletype), Luri (Bakhtiari) (bqi), Luri Bakhtiari (Iran) (bqi_IR)


  • Fixed matching between source and target plural forms

  • Fixed resources list issue when requesting TM leverage report

Nov 2022


  • Translation Memory leverage report

    • Extended our report including TM leverage information not only for untranslated but also for translated strings. This allows cost estimation for post-editing activities.

    • Extended our report including TM leverage information on a tag level

  • Released new Apple .strings parser with UTF-8 encoding

  • [Figma plugin] - Improved Figma user experience when no translations for a language are available in Transifex

  • Added English (en) (source) -> Malagasy (mg) (target) language pair as an extra option in the order wizard for E2f

  • Added new languages: English (Ontario) (en@Ontario), French (Ontario) (fr@Ontario), English (Colombia) (en_CO)

  • Released Go CLI in Go

      • Added Transifex version as a parameter to the TX CLI bash installer

      • Added multibranch support

      • Added download pseudo translations flag

      • Added polling delay to translation downloads

      • Implemented polling delay backoff mechanism

      • Added pseudo to filename when needed

      • Made pseudo postfix to files

      • Pseudo flag fixes


  • Fixed "stop watching" button issue

  • Fixed Resources ordering on the editor page

  • Fixed editor UI issue when editing attributes of an HTML placeholder

  • Fixed PO/POT issue in GitHub integration

  • [GitHub Integration] Fixed encoding issues in Apple strings, PO, and Properties file types

  • Fixed watch button issue

  • [TX Live] Fixed attribute parsing issue when a dash is present in the attribute's name

  • Fixed redirect issue when Transifex app language changes

  • Fixed broken link in zendesk wizard

  • Fixed recipients issue when sending a "new resource added" notification

Oct 2022


  • Released Transifex announcement enhancements

    • Option to edit an existing announcement

    • Notifications when a user replies to an existing announcement or comment left by another user

  • Released Go CLI in Go

      • Add CodeQL analysis

      • Support two <lang>s in file filters

      • Abort source pulls (without '-t') with languages

      • Complain when API host and/or token is not available

      • Add docker config to goreleaser

      • Don't display a message when local "language" does not exist

      • Allow setting a custom resource name

      • Push task should abort on a bad API response

      • Silent flag

      • Get home directory from environment variable

      • Fix 'pull -s -a/-l ' warning

      • Multiple lang support

      • Allow star patterns in resource IDs for push/pull

      • Upcoming patch release

  • Added new languages: Páez(pbb), Guambiano (gum), Wayuu (guc), Kogi (kog)

  • Improved search in language dropdowns

  • Released New Transifex Help Center


  • Fixed issue with pending syncing tasks when a deployment for the Zendesk plugin is in progress

  • Fixed throttling error messages in API 3.0 when trying to download translations from empty resources

  • Fixed administrators' permission issues related to the import/export of TMX files

  • Fixed translation downloads issue for live and fileless resources

  • Fixed XLIFF translation upload issue for Fileless resources

  • Fixed file content encoding issue when sending translations to GitHub

  • Fix STRUCTURED_JSON compilation issue when a resource includes empty strings

  • Fixed 500 server error issue when trying to delete a resource that was just marked as locked

  • Fixed email content sent to recipients when the status of the issue where they are mentioned is updated

  • Fixed issue with collaborators count

  • Fixed issue with missing language from Texmaster order wizard

  • Fixed TMX download issue for users logged in using SSO

  • Fixed &quot; HTML entity issue in rich editor mode when a custom placeholder is enabled

September 2022


  • Extended Zendesk integration by supporting translation sync between systems for the German (Germany) locale.

  • Added new languages: Saraiki (skr), Cantonese (China) (yue_CN).

  • Extended our API offering the option of

    • bulk metadata updates for a resource strings collection

    • bulk update of resource's translations

  • Released Transifex announcement enhancements

    • Find all announcements in a centralized place with filtering options

    • Create announcements on a project or organization level

  • Released glossary improvements

    • Released a fresh new layout of Transifex glossaries overview page

    • Extended glossary editor allowing users to create comments/issues for glossary terms

  • Announced Transifex SOC2 Type || Compliance

  • Released CLI Client in Go (v1.3.1)

  • Updated Transifex plugin making it compatible with the most recent versions of WordPress​

  • Extended notification system by introducing a new notification when an admin or manager is removed

  • Added short bio textarea maxlength


  • Fixed CSV formatting issue in language progress reports when project has more than 22 languages

  • Fixed issue with Zendesk manual sync when syncing more than 150 articles

  • Fixed TMX upload issue

  • Fixed 422 validation error when no differences between GitHub and Transifex are detected

  • Fixed GitHub integration fetching issue when repository has too many branches

  • Fixed syncing issue between GitHub and Transifex when more than 1 language is fully translated at the same time

  • Fixed translations syncing issue after updating source file in GitHub

  • Fixed DOCX compilation error caused by empty tx tags

  • Fixed JSON compilation issue when empty keys are included in the original file​

August 2022


  • Extended editor filters by introducing "Translation Checks Based on Type: Glossary".

  • Extended Zendesk integration by supporting translation sync between systems for the Tagalog (tl) language.

  • Drupal integration compatibility with v. 9.4.0

  • Improved GitHub -> Transifex syncing process preventing translations to be pulled from GitHub when translations already exist in Transifex.

  • Included Resources overview in the new navigation editor

  • Renamed Context feature to Screenshots

  • Updated list of supported languages in Amazon MT.

  • Added new languages: English (Kuwait) (en_KW), English (Bahrain) (en_BH), English (Qatar) (en_QA)

  • Extended "Translation Memory Fillup from similar locales" by configuring this setting on a language level


  • Fixed Structured JSON compilation issue when null values are present in source.

  • Fixed Amazon MT glossary issue when removing a glossary from a project

July 2022


  • Announced Transifex SOC2 Type | Compliance

  • Released a fresh new layout of Transifex explore page.

  • Introduced "Show difference with previous" editor preference allowing users to easily identify differences between translation/source versions, as well as TM suggestions.

  • Released Glossary Editor.

  • Released bulk delete feature for resources.

  • Released global editor allowing easy access and navigation.

  • Released CLI Client in Go (v1.3.0)

  • Figma - Added support screenshots for:

    • Component nodes

    • Instance nodes

    • Group nodes

  • Extended language mappings between Zendesk and Transifex for Hungarian.

  • Extended activity reports including TM leverage for edited translations


  • Fixed an MT fillup issue for pluralized strings.

  • Paginated editor history results for avoiding delays while navigating.

  • Fixed translation issue in Zendesk articles when embedded videos are present

  • Fixed duplicate resource creation upon syncing with GitHub.

  • Fixed syncing issue with GitHub when an empty resource is present.

  • Fixed collaborators count issue related to E2f collaborators.

  • Fixed timeout issue when running translation checks for regex.

  • Fixed issue with editor comments.

  • Fixed keyboard shortcut issue for fallback editor.

  • Fixed TMX file upload issue caused by the size of the file.

  • Fixed GitHub syncing issue when source and translations are under the same directory and language mappings are included in the config.

  • Fixed GitHub PR title, branch name, and commit message by using the mapped language when language mapping is present in the YML configuration

June 2022


  • Released CLI Client in Go (v1.2.0)

    • Introduced parallel push/pull.

    • Removed PTerm in favour of simple color package to enable real-time updates and reduce noise in CIs.

    • Appliedfix for --use-git-timestamps when history is big.

    • Introduced "wait" mechanism on API throttling.

    • Reduced number of calls to the API

  • Introduced delete option for announcements.

  • Added new language: English (Saudi Arabia) (en_SA).

  • Introduced "replace_edited_strings" parameter in API v3.

  • Added "Translate" button on the Resources page for easier navigation


  • Fixed issue with TM suggestions created by locked tags.

  • Fixed UI issue with 101% matches and empty context.

  • Fixed order wizard UI issue.

  • Updated decimal rule for EN lang in tx live.

  • Fixed MT auto-fill up issue with pluralized strings when target has more forms than the ones available in the source language.

May 2022


March 2022


  • GitHub and BitBucket Integration Improvements:

    • Introduced two new parameters in the configuration file: “ignore_dirs”, “ignore_files”.

    • YML configuration file is now hosted at GitHub/BitBucket repository.

    • Reduced the number of API calls sent avoiding throttling.

    • Made integrations more efficient when both source and translation files are stored under the same folder in the repository.

    • When no differences are detected between Transifex and repository, Transifex won't create empty PRs.

  • Made UI improvements so that the raw mode label and fuzzy fillups will be more visible in the editor.

  • Enabled RTL mode for Uighur (Arabic) (ug@Arab) language.

  • Added new languages: English (Shavian) (en@shaw).

  • Released CLI Client in Go (v1.0.4) - Added branch name at the beginning of resource name when creating resources in Transifex.

  • Released Express SDK.

  • Added support for AWS DynamoDB.

  • Added Catalan and Portuguese (Portugal) to Amazon MT language pairs.

  • Added fr (source) -> de_AT (target) language pair as an extra option in the order wizard for E2f.


  • Fixed 403 error messages when downloading translation files via both UI and API 3.0.

  • Fixed issue with old TM suggestions.

  • Fixed editor message for bulk actions in case of a crowdsourcing project.

  • Fixed TM fillup issue for updated source strings where the key remains the same.

February 2022


  • Enabled RTL mode for Pashto (Afghanistan) (ps_AF).

  • Added new languages: Middle Cornish (cnx), Toki Pona (took).

  • Released CLI Client in Go (v1.0.3).

  • Extended logging details when a request to Zendesk fails.

  • [Transifex Native] Added support for preserving source string edits when pushing content with custom keys (regardless of purge).

  • Extended editor filters by introducing TM Fillup Leverage Greater/TM Fillup Leverage Less.

  • Improved Editor experience by hiding locked resources from editor's All Resources view.

  • More bulk actions available when switching to edit source view.

  • Introduced the following extra language mappings between Zendesk and Transifex:

    • 'ps_AF' in TX to 'ps' in Zendesk

    • 'fa_AF' to 'fa' in Zendesk

  • Extended system's capabilities by triggering TM auto-fill up when editing source text within the editor and pressing 'Save and keep translations'.


  • Fixed syncing issue between Transifex and Zendesk when "Fetch initial translations from Zendesk" is disabled.

  • Fixed issue with translation checks that were triggered when HTML translatable attributes were not preserved in the translation.

  • Fixed editor issue when using find & replace option.

January 2022



  • Fixed issue when searching for an invalid username via search strings page.

  • Fixed TM auto-fillup issue where pluralized strings were partially translated when 100% match was present.

  • Fixed Unicode issue in Java Properties files.

  • Fixed newline issue in TXT files.

  • Fixed translation check issue due to BOM characters in TXT files.

  • Fixed variable detection issue in strings containing % character.

  • Fixed issue when syncing dynamic content between Transifex and Zendesk.

  • Fixed issue with invitation modal when the organization has one project only

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