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December 2021


  • Added resource name to context string info when mapping strings to screenshots.

  • Extended notifications so that when a comment is updated people mentioned there will get notified accordingly.

  • Added new languages: Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) (arb), English (Mexico) (en_MX), English (Peru) (en_PE), English (Ecuador) (en_EC).

  • CLI Client in Go (stable release).


  • Fixed issue in Figma integration with mixed fonts loading.

  • Fixed API 3.0 download issue when '@' is present in the language code.

  • Fixed RTL issue in DOCX files with pPr tag.

  • Fixed empty key issue in Structured_JSON and KEYVALUEJSON parsers.

  • Fixed issue with non-Unicode spaces in MARKDOWN parser.

  • Fixed '\r' compilation error when such a character is present in a TMX file.

  • Fixed password issue with special characters.

  • Fixed maintainers' access on the project's integrations tab.

  • Fixed word boundaries issue when matching glossary terms.

  • Fixed onlyproofread download mode for Applies strings including only proofread translations.

  • Fixed glossary edit term error message.

  • Fixed reports CSV filename.

  • Fixed UI issue when translating a long string in tx live.

  • Fixed signup issue when using Facebook.

  • Fixed issue with "Allow Translation Memory suggestions from similar locales in the editor" setting when the project's settings page is updated.

  • Fixed issue with translation_text_not_contains filter when searching for text in pluralized strings.

  • Fixed Glossary detection issue.

  • Fixed permissions issue while viewing TM leverage stats.

  • Fixed encoding issue in Jave Properties files.

November 2021


  • Added RTL support in DOCX and PPTX translation files.

  • Added new languages: English (Papua New Guinea) (en_PG), French (Luxembourg) (fr_LU), English (Fiji) (en_FJ).

  • Introduced a new setting in TX Live allowing you to async load JavaScript snippet.

  • Released a fresh, new create project page.

  • Extended LexiQA integration for working with Fileless resources.

  • Updated Figma integration excluding hidden strings from the strings list.

  • Released a fresh, new Manage collaborators page with more filters for better management.

  • Extended TMX files including information about creationdate and lastusagedate per TM entry as well as all the different translation versions stored per target language.

  • Added support for custom keys in Javascript SDK.


  • Fixed permissions issue in API v3 with editor comments.

  • Fixed space issue in DOCX translation files.

  • Fixed compilation issue with DOCX translation files.

  • Fixed compilation issue with PPTX translation files when a:fld tag is present.

  • Fixed issue with anchors in YAML files.

  • Fixed issue with metadata updates in structured_JSON files during compilation.

  • Fixed issue with unescaped content in context and developer_comment fields in structured_JSON files.

  • Fixed issue with DeepL where the same translation was returned for both pt_PT and pt_BR languages.

  • Fixed number of mapped strings shown in the UI under Context page (screenshots).

  • Fixed DeepL issue when protected text is included in source.

  • Fixed issue with user suggestions notification that was sent to users with access revoked

October 2021



  • [WordPress integration] Fixed Hreflang URL issue with an extra forward slash on URLs.

  • Fixed origin info for TM entries coming from TMX files.

  • Fixed ampersand escaping issue in Android when custom placeholder is configured.

  • Fixed issue with XLSX translation file export

September 2021


  • Add/Edit character limits and strings' instructions in bulk.

  • Redesigned Manage Integrations page under organization settings.

  • Added support for Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) documents.

  • [GitHub integration] Improved system behavior when both source and translation files exist in the same folder in a repo.

  • Released CDS 1.2.0 adding support for Google Cloud through Google Cloud Storage integration.

  • Made the User setting "Show my e-mail address in translation files" disabled by default.

  • Implemented a mechanism so that when the setting "Translation Memory Context Matching" is deactivated, TM auto-fill up tasks will be triggered with the new requirements.

  • Extended editor filters by adding filters reviewed before/after


  • [Figma Integration] Fixed issue in the projects list dropdown in the plugin's settings which was showing only the first 150 tx projects.

  • Fixed social auth login for SSO enabled organizations.

  • Fixed glossary tooltip on editor.

  • Fixed 502 errors when using tx client with large resources.

  • Fixed scroll issue in the translation area

August 2021


  • Made resources' categories searchable.

  • Introduced a change in the editor so that strings from locked resources won't show up when all resources option is selected.

  • Extended our Editor filters by allowing users to filter strings with user suggestions available (user_suggestions:yes/no).

  • Changed TX Live parser's behavior so that SVG tags will be detected by default.

  • Sorted 'More' filters in the editor alphabetically.

  • Introduced a new project setting that allows localization managers to exclude languages from Machine Translation Fillup.

  • Improved status message the user receives on failed upload attempts.

  • Added new languages: Sidama (sid), Chechen (ce), Tlahuitoltepec Mixe (mxp), Karachay-Balkar (krc), Acehnese (ace), Tarifit (rif), Muscogee (mus), Bislama (bi), Aranese (oc-aranes).

  • Updated language names from:

    • Pushto to Pashto

    • Oriya to Odia

  • Enabled Origin filter for source language.


  • Fixed issue with empty PRs in GitHub when manual sync is performed.

  • Fixed TM deletion issue via UI.

  • Fixed UI issue for issues category with long text.

  • Fixed webhooks issue when TM auto-fill up runs.

  • Fixed issue with TMX file upload.

  • Fixed double escaping in HTML attribute values.

  • Fixed language drop-down issue while a TMX file is requested.

  • Fixed glossary issue with POS values when the language of Transifex app is non-English.

  • Fixed issue with Docx hyperlinks format.

  • Fixed anchor issue in YML files.

  • Fixed source upload issue when Dzongkha(dz) is project's source language.

  • Fixed issue with user_suggestions filter.

  • Fixed UI issue in the invitation pop-up.

  • Fixed copy variable issue when keyboard shortcut 'Ctrl+Alt+Number' is used.

  • Fixed exact search in the editor for terms containing curly bracket '}'.

  • Fixed permissions issue while project resource list is requested via API 3.0

July 2021


  • Extended Translation Memory sharing TM suggestions across different locales with the same base language.

  • Extended our API endpoints offering the option to update resource categories via API v3.

  • Added support for custom keys in Python/Django SDK.

  • Extended Projects API v3 endpoints giving the option to configure MT auto-fill up setting.

  • Released DELETE method for source_string endpoint for FILESS resources.

  • Added a filter[code][any] in /languages API 3.0 endpoint that fetches any available language in a list from the given codes.

  • Enabled RTL mode for Yiddish (yi).

  • Made the following filters available in the source edit mode (web editor): Context, Issues, Pluralized, Screenshot, Occurrences, Developer notes, Comments, Instructions.

  • Made comments tab available in the source edit mode (web editor).


  • Fixed issue with Arabic pluralized strings where '0' form was missing from the generated translation file.

  • Fixed screenshots issue in Figma integration when organization slug contains 'o' character.

  • Fixed issue with JSON in API v3 where strings' order was not preserved in the editor.

  • Fixed permissions issue for translation files.

  • Fixed ampersand issue in DOCX parser.

  • Fixed Drupal integration issue when character '#' is part of a job ID.

  • Drupal integration - New release: 8.x-1.5.

  • Fixed issue with Transifex app when Russian language is selected.

  • Fixed issue with TMX file upload.

  • Fixed issue with bulk actions in the editor

June 2021


  • Released Transifex-DeepL integration.

  • Improved TM performance so that TM suggestions will be displayed in the editor faster.

  • Extended TM auto-fill up tasks so that they also get triggered when:

    • an MT translation is reviewed or

    • a translation is reviewed while "Allow only Reviewed translations into the Translation Memory" is enabled

  • Made edit source option available while viewing all resources in the editor (only if the resources of a project are all supported for source editing).

  • Improved TX Live publish UI.

  • Updated buckets for Translation Leverage column on the activity reports page.

  • Extended Resources Progress Report including resource slug.

  • Extended our notification types allowing translators/reviewers of a translation to get notified when a user suggestion is added.

  • Improved tx client behavior when source language is included in the tx pull command


  • Drupal integration: Fixed translation job issue with Fields instance content type.

  • Fixed issue in the editor while searching for text with single quote characters.

  • Fixed UI issue with HTML elements in the editor.

  • Fixed issue while publishing translations via TX Live.

  • Fixed XLIFF compilation issue caused by special characters included in the text.

  • Fixed TX Live issue while ignoring a URL path (the expected behavior is described here).

  • Fixed issue with social login.

  • Fixed issue with Webhooks in BitBucket integration

May 2021


  • GitHub Integration: Improved validation of YAML configuration file when a forward slash (/) is added at the beginning of a path.

  • Updated language name from "Standard Moroccan Berber" to "Standard Moroccan Tamazight".

  • Enabled parsing of anchor link text for Markdown files.

  • Added Transifex Native Analytics page for native projects.

  • Extended history in the editor including source edits.

  • API3: Ability to export translations in json format.

  • Extended functionality in the editor for fileless resources allowing source strings deletion.

  • Extended API v3 download translation modes including proofread, onlyproofread and untranslated modes.

  • Extended "TX NATIVE SDK SNIPPETS" UI list including Android and Angular SDKs.

  • Improved UI for users while editing their project's target languages.


  • Fixed error "Cannot read property ‘sort’ of undefined" while pushing strings from Figma to Transifex.

  • Fixed 500 error while trying to review translations via API v3.

  • Fixed issue in the search strings page while searching for text with single quote characters.

  • Fixed UI issue with '&' in the editor.

  • Fixed TM suggestions issue in the editor while concordance search window is open.

  • KEYVALUEJSON: Fixed wrong validation error in the editor on escaped quotes.

  • Fixed permissions issue with warnings deletion.

April 2021



  • Fixed issue in Drupal where the status of translation jobs was not updated properly.

  • Fixed broken Glossary documentation URLs.

  • Fixed translation checks issue with HTML attributes that have more than one words.

  • Fixed sourceastranslation mode in API v3.

  • Fixed issue receiving translations in Drupal while localizing Block View content type.

  • Fixed issue with LS character in GITHUBMARKDOWN file format

March 2021


  • API v3:

    • New Endpoints

      • Resources Endpoints

        • Delete resource [DEL]

        • Create a source file download action [POST]

        • Get resource strings download status [GET]

      • Projects Endpoints

        • Update a Project [PATCH]

        • Get project maintainers [GET]

        • Delete language relationship [DEL]

        • List language relationships [GET]

        • Update language relationships [PATCH]

        • Create language relationship [POST]

        • Remove maintainers from project [DEL]

        • Get project maintainer relationships [GET]

        • Update project maintainers [PATCH]

        • Add maintainers to project [POST]

        • Get team relationship [GET]

        • Update team relationship [PATCH]

      • Introduced an extra attribute i18n_options to Create new resource endpoint that allows you to define if duplicate strings will be allowed in an HTML resource.

  • Made API-v3 page size configurable introducing the limit parameter.

  • Added support for custom keys in Figma.

  • Added a new configuration option in Zendesk Integration that determines whether or not translations found on Zendesk will be sent to Transifex.

  • Added context information while extracting content from Drupal and sending it to Transifex.

  • Added support for context in HTML files via 'tx-context' attribute.

  • Improved the experience when an organization exceeds its word count limit.

  • Announced the stable release of Transifex API v3.

  • Introduced a new setting that allows you to automatically save only reviewed translations in your Translation Memory.

  • Released new DOCX parser.

  • Introduced a new option in the editor that allows you to easily find identical strings.

  • Enabled edit source option on Fileless resources.

  • Improved performance for TM auto-fill up tasks.

  • Improved UI messages when organization is over collaborators' limit.

  • Improved workflow while viewing editor overview allowing users to easily switch to the editor mode.

  • Released a new version update on CDS (0.9.0) with the following two key highlights:

    • Pull content using tags filtering

    • Append tags when pushing content instead of replacing them by default


  • Set resource string priorities in the APIv3 to match those of the UI.

  • Fixed issue while updating resource priority via APIv3.

  • Fixed review issue for pluralized strings.

  • Fixed auto collect issue in TX Live.

  • Fixed issue in STRUCTURED_JSON file format where escaped characters were not handled properly.

  • Fixed issue with email notifications.

  • Fixed issue in STRUCTURED_JSON file format where character limits were not updated during source file updates.

  • Fixed issue with TX Live while HTML nodes were translated.

  • Fixed issue with Fileless resources that contain non-ASCII characters.

  • Fixed search issues on the resources page.

  • Fixed issue with "On demand translation checks" when more than 100 translation strings were hosted in a project.

February 2021


  • API 3.0:

    • New API endpoints for activity reports:

      • Create a team activity report file download action

      • Get team activity report download status

    • Updated GET /resource_strings endpoint so that context will be returned as String instead of Array of strings

  • Removed announcement bubble from web editor.

  • Modified announcement notifications so that only collaborators that are associated with projects' languages will get notified.

  • Changed system behaviour so that E2f collaborators that are associated with an active order won't be counted in the collaborators capacity.

  • Added new language: Moroccan Arabic (ary), Tachelhit (shi), Old English (and).

  • New Zendesk integration: Optimized syncing while exchanging hundreds of files between Zendesk and Transifex.


  • GitHub integration: Fixed issue while syncing translation files from sub-folders.

  • Fixed issue with custom placeholders.

  • Fixed editor issue in crowdsourcing projects.

  • Fixed parsing issue when unicode character exists in RESX keys.

  • Fixed issue with TMX empty entries.

  • Fixed UI issue when requesting a language.

  • Fixed pre-selected language issue for projects with only one resource.

  • Fixed performance issues while exchanging large files between Transifex and Figma.

  • API 3.0: Fixed team_memeberships url regex for `@` character.

  • API 3.0: Fixed TM auto fill-up issue for fileless resources.

January 2021


  • Added missing styles in the editor dark mode for both suggestions and history tabs.

  • Disabled Live detector when loading a page in a target language.

  • Improved UX upon language request.

  • Improved UX when suggestions tab takes longer to display TM suggestions in the editor.

  • Exposed the origin of the translated string in the history tab.

  • Added "not on any page" text in strings list in live while "See Overview" is enabled.

  • Improved user experience while pulling duplicate translation entries from Zendesk.

  • Extended Drupal integration so that updated translations in Transifex will be sent to Drupal without requiring a new job.

  • APIv3: Finalized async uploads responses.

  • Set throttling mechanism for APIv3.

  • Finalized datetime format for the following API endpoints:

    • /projects

    • /resources

    • /project_webhooks

    • /resource_strings

    • /resource_string_comments

    • /teams

    • /resource_translations

    • /tm_entries

    • /activity_reports

    • /context_screenshots

    • /context_screenshot_maps

    • Extended support for all known locale mappings so that Zendesk locales match with Transifex locales and vice versa

    • Improved the automated mechanism (algorithm) that matches Zendesk locales with Transifex locales and vice versa so that every variant can be mapped to its base locale

    • Zendesk integration: Exposed "Edited at" info in Transifex UI


  • Fixed issue when sorting strings on search strings page.

  • Fixed 500 error message in logo upload.

  • Fixed word breaking issue in user messages.

  • Fixed TM suggestions issue while navigating through strings list in the editor.

  • Fixed UI issue while viewing all resources in the editor.

  • Fixed glossary issue while uploading it to AWS (Amazon).

  • Fixed folding issues during YAML compilation.

  • Fixed issue while syncing translated content back to Drupal.

  • Fixed 403 error while syncing articles between Zendesk and Transifex.

  • Fixed Zendesk integration issue when resources found in tx project do not follow the correct naming convention.

  • Fixed resource creation issue after breaking changes introduced in API 3.0

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