Translation Checks Behaviour
Set up translation checks according to your needs and ensure the quality of your translations
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Origin Of Translation

Each file format has a set of translation checks you can change from error to warning or turn it off completely. Depending on how the translations are applied, here is how translation checks behave:

Origin: Editor

When translators submit their translations through the editor violating translation rules, a validation check is triggered. If this has been set as a warning, translators are allowed to submit their translations; however, an informative warning message will be displayed in the editor as follows:


If it's an error, translators will receive an error message in the Editor instead, which will prevent them from saving the translation text unless the condition of the translation check is met.


Origin: TM/MT, File Upload or API/TX Client

When strings are translated in a different way (via API/TX Client, File Upload, TM/MT autofill), translation checks still run in the background to identify if a rule is violated.

In this case, no matter the type of the message (warning or error), translations will be saved in Transifex, but they can later be found in the editor and fixed by reviewers after applying the desired translation check filter:


Filtering Translation Checks Based on Type

You can filter your translation checks via type on the editor based on the Glossary type. Head to the project you want to review the existing translations, open the editor, then select: Label -> Translation checks type -> and pick β€œGlossary.”


Deleting Warnings

Users with reviewer's permissions and up can delete warnings. Deleting a warning will hide the respective message for the specific translation for all users. If a new translation is submitted, the translation checks will run again, and if the translation violates the rules, the warnings will appear again.


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