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December 2019


  • Added more informative message while trying to send less than 100% translation files to GitHub

  • Added Arabic (Saudi Arabia) (ar_SA) as extra option for E2f orders.

  • Extended our progress reports to include string and word repetitions

November 2019



  • Fixed GitHub/BiBucket integration issue according to which source files with the same filename in a repository couldn't be handled as different resources.

  • Fixed issue with social login option.

  • Fixed issue with Non-ASCII HTML tag attributes in a translation.

  • Fixed issue with pending TextMaster orders.

  • Fixed issue while trying to load resources or languages page in Transifex.

  • Fixed video issue in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Fixed issue with GitHub/BitBucket integration where the translations failed to be sent back to the repository.

October 2019


  • Updated the language mappings syntax in the YAML config file (GitHub integration) following the structure 'REMOTE_TX_CODE: LOCAL_CUSTOM_CODE'.

  • Extended publish functionality in Live allowing users to publish translated, reviewed or only proofread translations on their site.

  • Added Uzbek (uz) and Gujarati (gu) as extra options for E2f orders.

  • Extended comments functionality by allowing admins to manage categories under organization settings page.

  • Improved editor's behavior keeping the cursor focused in the search box while the user applies each of the filters.

  • /tx issues and /tx comments commands on Slack now support both project slug and name.

  • Added the option to change the billing email address via TX subscription page.

  • Extended the list of languages we support adding English (Republika Srpska) (en_BA-SRP).

  • Improved visibility of strings' status when a warning sign is present.

  • Improved GitHub/BitBucket Syncing Status information displaying latest synchronisation from Transifex to GitHub and vice versa.

  • Extending our HTML validator so that case-sensitivity will be taken into account while validating HTML tags.

  • Extending Transifex API (3.0) by adding the option to retrieve translation strings containing specific tags


  • Fixed parsing issue with non-printable characters (like BS) in YAML resources.

  • Fixed compilation issue with ampersand (&) in IDML (InDesign) files.

  • Fixed integration issue with GitHub related to large files.

  • Fixed issue with source glossary terms which couldn't be modified by collaborators.

  • Fixed issue with TextMaster orders which failed to be submitted.

  • Fixed payment issue while trying to order translations via the order wizard.

  • Fixed Slack integration issue with revoked Slack token.

  • Fixed issue with string link on /tx issues command output.

  • Fixed GitHub integration issue that occurred when multiple files with the same filename existed in the same directory.

  • Fixed orders messages UI issue.

  • Fixed issue with the billing history on the subscription page.

  • Fixed permissions issue with glossary notes.

  • Fixed issue with translation activity reports for Oct 29

September 2019



  • Fixed issues with capitalized HTML Elements not caught by translation checks.

  • Fixed escaping issues in JSON while XLIFF is used as an intermediate file format.

  • Fixed 504 error message on reports page.

  • Fixed linking issue with Amazon glossary.

  • Fixed issue with order's submission button disabling it to prevent double form submission

August 2019


  • Added new languages: Chuukese (chk), English (Slovenia) (en_SI), Spanish (Cuba) (es_CU).

  • Added Chinese (Singapore) (zh_SG) and Hausa (ha) as options for E2f orders.

  • Handled 'src' and 'href' as translatable attributes in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Added support for dark mode in the editor.

  • Changed the day limit from 30 to 15 days for obsolete strings not detected by TX live during this interval.

  • Extended search functionality allowing users to search by key while mapping strings to screenshots.

  • Expanded Slack functionality by providing notifications for 100% reviewed, and 100% proofread languages as well as notifications for team discussions.

  • Improved cursor's behavior by switching the focus on the search field on the first load of the stringlist.

  • Improved glossary by allowing newline in glossary comments


  • Fixed "We are unable to contact our servers. Please try again" Live issue.

  • Fixed issue with the escaping of '&' in DTD files.

  • Fixed issue related to GitHub branch names when they include slashes.

  • Fixed issues related to Webhooks when a source file is updated.

  • Fixed issues with TM auto-fill up tasks when different parsers are involved.

  • Fixed list of repos returned in BitBucket integration.

  • Fixed glossary permissions issue for projects with no resources.

  • Fixed translation check issue when capitalized tags are present in the source text.

July 2019


  • Added link to resource under the context tab in the editor when a user selects all resources.

  • Converted date time from 12 to 24 hour format for both languages and resources pages.

  • Added new languages: Aramaic (arc), English (Bosnia and Herzegovina) (en_BA), English (Serbia) (en_RS).

  • Added "Reply All" option under the comments tab in the editor.


  • Fixed editor issue in Crowdsourced projects when the "Crowdsourcing Translation" setting is enabled.

  • Fixed issue with massive review/unreview actions in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Fixed issue with API token generated date.

  • Fixed webhooks permissions issue related to maintainers.

June 2019


  • Added information about the number of words translated by TM and MT in the reports page.

  • Updated the list of our IP addresses for staging domains used in Transifex Live projects.

  • Added an option to project/org settings page allowing users to select the "mode" of their MT API.

  • Increased efficiency of TM fill-up functionality.

  • Added placeholder configuration in GitHub integration.

  • Introduced the option to manage editor comments via API.

  • Trigger fill-up tasks when a project is added to a TM group.

  • Made repository and branch references in a GitHub integration clickable in Transifex Web Interface.

  • Added Bosnian (bs) and Somali (so) target languages as extra options in the order wizard for E2f.

  • Extended issues functionality in the editor by introducing priorities and categories.

  • A new version for Chrome parser is available - in this version dots in keys are no longer escaped.

  • Expose URLs in Transifex Web Editor for Live projects.


  • Fixed issue while "Show source string in a target language" option is enabled.

  • Fixed MT issue while MT fill-up tasks are triggered.

  • Fixed GitHub modal layout.

  • Fixed issue with Emoji symbols in YML parsers.

  • Fixed upload of binary resource files (xlsx, docx) when synching repo files with Transifex.

  • Fixed issue related to Editor issues' resolution.

  • Fixed order wizard issue related to Github Markdown Handler.

  • Fixed issue with deleted TM suggestions that failed to be imported back to Transifex.

  • Fixed translator filter behavior when filter's value has invalid format or a non-existing username is provided.

  • Fixed display issue with custom variables in editor.

  • Fixed compilation of inDesign files with certain chars.

  • Fixed suggestion requests to not overlap while navigating between strings in the editor.

May 2019


  • Added new languages: Arabic (Iraq) (ar_IQ), Lojban (jbo).

  • Added the option to lock strings per language via a tag.

  • Improved the message for users that request to export a TMX file while no suggestions are available.

  • Released Context for Files feature.

  • Released a new version of Zendesk integration.

  • Added an extra filter "not on any page" in Transifex Live view allowing users to easily identify obsolete strings.

  • Added "Community Link" to our contact form.

  • Added InDesign to the list of the available file formats.

  • Improved Transifex Live parser's behavior preventing this from detecting content inside <textarea> tags.

  • Added the option to adjust font size in the Editor settings.

  • New improvements to Transifex and GitHub integration: "Sync existing resources with GitHub repo while setting this up" and "Display a proper message when no items found to be synced"


  • Fixed `key` filter for strings API.

  • Fixed the behavior for RLM/LRM special characters in the editor.

  • Added the RLO/LRO to the special characters list in the editor.

  • Fixed compilation issue in PO files when obsolete messages are present.

  • Fixed Slack notification when an existing resource is updated.

  • Fixed issue with chosen drop-downs.

  • Fixed issue with keyboard navigation in RTL editor.

April 2019


  • Added new languages: Panjabi (Pakistan) (pa_PK), Rapa Nui (rap), Pushto (Afghanistan) (ps_AF), Interlingue (ie).

  • Added French (France) (fr_FR) target language as an extra option in the order wizard for Gengo.

  • Added Persian (Afghanistan) (fa_AF), Armenian (Armenia) (hy_AM), Pushto (ps), and Pushto (Afghanistan) (ps_AF) target languages as extra options in the order wizard for E2f.

  • Improved deletion time for resources.

  • Improved wizard performance.

  • Added Amazon MT as an Origin filter option.

  • Migrated to MS Text Translator API v3


  • Fixed language mapping between TX Chinese (Hong Kong) (zh_HK) and Google Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW.

  • New version of Transifex Live WordPress plugin - Fixed URL rewritting for external domains.

  • Fixed glossary matching issue when special characters are present.

  • Fixed escaping issue in translations received from translation vendors.

  • Fixed issue with Google MT returning random hashes (check here for more details)

March 2019


  • Added new languages: Classical Armenian (xcl), Eastern Armenian (Russian) (hye_RU).

  • Enabled Chinese (Taiwan) (zh_TW) translations for Transifex app.

  • Amazon Translate has been added as an available machine translation services within Transifex.

  • Changed the maximum number of tags that are displayed in the editor while strings are massively selected from 50 to 100


  • Fixed multiple commits issue in the same PR in Github.

  • Fixed issue with Transifex Live resources.

  • Fixed 404 error that occurred while massively translating strings with an MT service.

  • Fixed content-encoding issue for JSON responses [API].

  • Fixed issue in project archiving through API.

  • Fixed issue in PO translation files related to the Last-Translator field.

  • Fixed MT issue with nested variables.

  • Fixed filtering issue with Unicode characters

February 2019


  • New integration between Transifex and GitHub.

  • Added link to community forum in the top navigation menu of Transifex App.


  • Fixed collaborators' number issue.

  • Fixed the languages dropdown under the profile settings page.

  • Fixed text override in editor comments.

  • Fixed permissions issue with administrator users.

  • Fixed context and boolean flags in API responses.

  • Fixed issues with the compilation of YAML front matter section in MD files.

  • Fixed comments filter issue.

  • Fixed glossary issue with Machine Translation Service. Glossary terms were preserved in the source language while MT was applied.

  • Fixed mass selection tags issue.

  • Fixed Machine Translation issue protecting HTML tags during translation

January 2019


  • Included subscription's end date in the subscription page.

  • Optimized Transifex Web Editor load time.

  • Dates are now displayed in a format fitting the displayed language of the UI.

  • New languages were added to our list: Meadow Mari (mhr), Eastern Mari (Russia), English (Brazil) (en_BR), English (France) (en_FR), English (Japan) (en_JP).

  • New TX client release [0.13.6]


  • Fixed issue with fully translated language files that were not pulled via TX Client while minimum_perc = 100.

  • Fixed word wrapping issue in the strings list while re-sizing browser's window.

  • Fixed issue with Editor filters.

  • Fixed issue with TM Auto-fill that did not work in Live projects when TM suggestions were coming from a file-based project.

  • Fixed issue with glossary terms that were not properly highlighted in the editor.

  • Fixed fetch tags issue when massively selecting strings in the Editor.

  • Fixed translator filter issue that occurred when a special character was included in the filter's value.

  • Fixed strings' list issue with large translation text.

  • Fixed Editor navigation issue for translators that have access to only one target language.

  • Fixed 403 error message when translators request a tmx file.

  • Fixed mass string selection issue in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Fixed resource selection issue in Transifex Web Editor.

  • Fixed translation check's behavior concerning quotes in html tags in Android translations

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