lexiQA is an online linguistic QA tool for translation and localization. It provides locale-specific checks and a streamlined workflow.

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LexiQA is an online, API-based linguistic quality assurance tool for translation and localization. Being entirely cloud-based, it operates alongside Transifex to provide locale-specific checks and a streamlined workflow.

The integration can be set at an organizational level, and it will allow any collaborator to generate QA reports with just one click.

📝Note: This feature is a paid add-on. Please contact our customer support for more information.

Setting up the integration

  1. Contact us to request access to this feature.

  2. Once the feature is enabled, you will be notified by the Customer Success team.

  3. Go into “Manage Integrations” in your organization’s settings.

  4. Choose the LexiQA widget and click on “Connect to LexiQA”.


  5. To proceed, you will need to first Accept LexiQA’s terms and conditions.


  6. Once this is done, the integration will be active and ready to be used by all your collaborators.

Using LexiQA

LexiQA will be available in the translation editor. Anyone who has access to the editor will be able to perform linguistic checks. Users can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Once the integration is active, select Project > Resource > Language. Once in the editor, click on the “QA Check” button on the top right corner of the editor. Note: LexiQA will only work on one resource at a time.

  2. The first time this button is clicked (granted that the integration is active), users will need to signup to LexiQA. After that, a sign-in will be required every 30 days for security reasons.

  3. Once the above step is complete, users will be able to perform QA checks.

  4. By clicking on the “LexiQA” button, the resource file for that specific project and language will be sent to LexiQA in order to perform QA linguistic checks.

  5. Users can select to view any of the 3 types of checks indicated below:


    As seen by the image above, users can select to view a QA report, an inconsistencies report, or enter the editor.

  6. Find more information on the available checks that can be performed here.

Disconnecting LexiQA

You can disable the integration at any time. Just click “Disconnect” on the LexiQA widget from the organization settings page.


Then click on “Disconnect”.


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