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Learn how to translate underlined terms or phrases in the Editor.

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As you translate, you might run across words or phrases underlined in the source text box. These are special terms with a corresponding definition you can reference or a translation you should use.

When you see an underlined term, click on the Glossary tab or press the Alt+4 shortcut in the Editor. You'll see more details about the term, such as the part of speech, translation, and definition.

When you hover your mouse over an underlined glossary term, the editor will display its translation in the target language you're working with. If you click the term, the translation will be inserted into the translation area.

In case there are several translation options for a term, you can find them by going to the glossary tab. Moving your mouse over the available choices allows you to easily copy them into the translation area.

In the glossary tab, you can navigate to a specific term by clicking on the new tab icon that appears when you hover over each term. This allows you to easily access the term in the glossary and make edits or add variations.

๐Ÿ“ Note: The Glossary tab contains all glossary terms found in the selected source string. You can use this information as more context while translating a string.


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