Transifex allows you to export the TMX file of a project and use it with an offline translation tool.

To export a TMX file:

  1. Pick the project you want to edit from the project navigation in the Dashboard

  2. Click on Languages.


  3. Click the Get TMX icon


  4. In the popup, select the language(s) that you want to download the TMX file for

  5. Click Download to get your TMX file.

The exported TMX will look like this:

<prop type="context"></prop>
<tuv xml:lang="en" creationdate="20210511T084001" lastusagedate="20211108T090745">
<tuv xml:lang="de" creationdate="20210929T073634" lastusagedate="20211108T090745">
<tuv xml:lang="el" creationdate="20210930T145229" lastusagedate="20211108T090745">
<tuv xml:lang="el" creationdate="20210930T145229" lastusagedate="20210930T145457">
<seg>Κωδικός χρήστη</seg>

The TMX file contains:

  • The date the specific TM entry was created (creationdate) as well as the last time this entry was used (lastusagedate)

  • All the available translation versions hosted at your project's TM instance in Transifex

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