After translation
Lear about further steps after the first translation round.
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Download translations

As with uploading the content, you can download your translations:

  • Manually (read more here)

  • Through API (read more here)

  • CLI (read more here)

Translation report

Reports in Transifex show how many words were translated, edited, and reviewed by your translators, along with the Translation Memory leverage used. Learn more about this feature here.

Client review/QA

If you have an in-house native speaker, or someone on your client side, or a dedicated country manager, or a language specialist (let’s call them all a “client reviewer”) who reviews the translations before they go live, decide about how the feedback loop will be implemented:

Does this client reviewer make changes directly in Transifex or not?

If he/she does, how will you make sure the corrections are implemented across all projects (for example, a client reviewer changed how a particular term was translated on your homepage - will it be updated in your app store description and app itself?)

How do you communicate the feedback to your vendor/translators?

New translations

You’re done with one round of translations, but more is to come.

When you're translating an app or website, you'll likely be adding and changing strings constantly, meaning the files with your source content will be changing too. Instead of uploading a new file and creating a new resource each time a file changes, you can simply update an existing resource. Learn more about how Transifex handles updates here.

Whether your new translations are updates to the existing resource file or a completely new set of resources to translate, think about and discuss with your translation team (vendor/translators/community/freelancers) how they’ll get to know that there is a new batch of translations available for them:

When you want them to translate a specific project/resource, will you email them?

Will you make team announcements within Transifex?

Or do you just set up a cadence for them to go to Transifex and translate whatever is available on their own?

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After translation

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