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Transifex is a platform for you to manage your localization efforts and it gives you full control of who will be translating your content and how. The possible options are:

Order wizard

If you need translations but are not working with any translation vendors or community translators, you can order translations from one of Transifex’s translation partners. Read more about how to order translations here.

In-house/Freelance translators

If you have in-house or freelance translators and reviewers that you’re working with, you’ll need to invite them to your Translation team and give them the corresponding roles (translators or reviewers). Read more about how to assign user roles to your collaborators here.


If you prefer working with your community, Transifex offers a few ways to do so:

  1. Make your project public, accept requests from the community members to join, and assign them as translators and reviewers;

  2. Make your project private and invite your community members as translators/reviewers;

LSP/Translation agency

You might partner with a translation agency to take care of your translations in Transifex. From our experience, there are two ways to work with translation agencies:

  1. They can work offline Transifex - they will push and pull the files from and back to Transifex;

  2. They work within Transifex - then they’ll be able to take advantage of such features as Translation Memory, Glossary, Communication tools, etc. and you’ll have more control and visibility of the overall translation progress.

Mix and match

A lot of our clients mix and match these methods: for example, they do initial localization efforts with their community and have professional translators review the translations; or they have freelance translators work on their app projects, while a translation agency works on the website translation.

This is all possible by calibrating your translation teams and assigning them to corresponding translation projects within your Transifex organization.


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