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Welcome to Transifex! If you’re looking to learn how you can help translate content that’s on Transifex, this is the guide for you.

Signing up for an account

Before participating in a project or translating any content, you’ll need to have a free translator account on Transifex. There are a couple of ways to get an account.

Signing up for an account

To sign up for an account:

  1. Go to and register for an account. Please make sure you select "Join an existing organization"


  2. Fill in your first and last name and then choose which languages you can speak.


Once you are done, you’ll be taken to the Explore page, where you’ll be able to find and join a project.

You will also be requested to activate your account, so check your email for the activation link and click on it.

Getting invited to a team

If you were invited to join a translation team on Transifex, you should’ve received an email with a link to set up your account. Click on the link, then complete the signup form and click Create my account.

After creating your account, you’ll be automatically taken to the page of the Team you were invited to.

Joining a translation team

Note: If someone sent you an invitation to join Transifex, you can skip ahead to the next section about finding and translating content.

After you've signed up for an account, you will need to join a team in Transifex to translate. But before we go through how to join a team, let’s take a quick look at how things are organized in Transifex:

  • Each company in Transifex is represented by an organization.

  • Each organization has projects containing all the content that needs to be translated.

  • Each project is then translated by a team of people who are part of the organization. Teams are made of Translators, Reviewers, and Coordinators, grouped by the language they work on.

So this is why the title of this section is “joining a translation team” and not “joining a project.”

Here’s how to join a team:

  1. From the Explore page, search or look for the project you want to join.


  2. Once you find the project you’d like to join, click on its name.

  3. Click the JOIN THIS PROJECT button on the right side.


  4. In the popup, select which language you want to help translate to.


  5. Click Request Language or Join Project, depending on the language you chose to contribute to.

    Request Language: If the language you want to contribute to is not part of the project, then once you click on this option, the maintainer of the project will get notified about your request and he/she will decide if the request will be approved or not.


    Join Project: If the language you want to contribute to is already part of the project, then once you click on this option, the manager of the localization team will get notified about your request and decide if your request will be approved or not.


    For languages that have a "request language" request already pending, no new requests will be allowed.


Depending on how the team is set up, you will either be immediately accepted to the team, or someone from the team will need to approve your request before you can join that team.

After you’ve been approved as a translator, you’ll be notified by email. From then on, you’ll see the project in your dashboard and you can translate it.


If you have submitted a request to join a translation team or for a new language that hasn't been approved yet, and you would like to get informed about its status, then we suggest you contact the people who are responsible for the localization of these projects. Please note that Transifex is not authorized to approve such requests.

Translating a private project

If the project you want to translate is private, an Organization Administrator or Team Manager will need to invite you as a Translator or Reviewer of a language of a team that's translating the project. Simply give your Transifex username to the person who will invite you.

Finding and translating content

Once you’ve joined a team, you’ll be able to start translating. Below in the Continue Reading section are some articles to help you get started. We recommend reading through them in order.

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