Localize your Unbounce landing pages and make them multilingual.

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Unbounce provides self-serve hosted services that enable marketers to create, publish, and test landing pages.

Using Transifex Live, you can localize your Unbounce landing pages and let visitors worldwide view your content in their native language.

๐Ÿ“ Note: Before you begin, you must have a Transifex account and a project you will be associating with your Unbounce site. If you have not already done so, sign up for Transifex here.

Below, you'll find instructions for localizing your Unbounce landing pages.

Getting the Transifex Live JavaScript Snippet

Before you can use Transifex Live, you must first install the Transifex Live JavaScript snippet on your site. To do this, follow the instructions here.

Installing the Live Snippet

Once you've got the Live snippet, the next step is to install it in Unbounce.

  1. From the Pages section of your default Unbounce dashboard, select the landing page you wish to edit. Once selected, click Edit.


  2. From within edit mode, click JavaScripts on the bottom left side of the window.


  3. Before inserting your Transifex Live JavaScript snippet, make sure to select Head in the Placement drop-down menu. You can also name the JavaScript snippet. Then, you can just paste in your snippet, and you are good to go.


Now, you can begin saving and translating content!

Saving content, translating, and publishing

Now that Transifex Live is embedded in your page, you can use Transifex Live to save content to Transifex, translate in context, and publish translations on the fly.

Handing dynamic content

Dynamic content like dates, times, and counters (e.g., # of articles, # of comments, etc.) should not be translated. When approving phrases in Transifex Live, be sure to ignore these types of non-translatable dynamic content. If your platform lets you edit the theme, you can mark elements of your pages as non-translatable.

To learn how, click here.


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