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If you have embedded or linked images (charts, graphics) in your assets for localization, please note that whether it’s a file-based or Live project, the images themselves can not be edited or translated in Transifex.

Here are some suggestions for managing images in your localization content.

File-based projects

When a text with a linked image gets uploaded to Transifex, it can be presented in the Editor in two ways: in rich mode, the text will appear as a hidden element; if you switch to the raw mode, the image will appear in the Editor as an HTML src attribute.

Raw Mode:


Rich Mode:


If a translator copies this code into the translation area, then the translated target text will contain the same image. So to get a translated image, the steps would be:

  1. Translate the image as a separate file. You would need to provide your translators/vendor with the original editable file, such as an InDesign file. The translators/vendors would be able to translate this file.

  2. Host the translated image/file that you got from your translators/vendors somewhere so that you can provide the link to that translated image.

  3. Go to the Transifex Editor and update the src attribute in the translation box with the right location URL of the translated image.

Transifex Live projects

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