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Localization tips & workflows
Localization tips & workflows
Content update and TranslationCan I update my content while translation is in progress?
Crowdsourcing TranslationsExplore the most effective techniques for crowdsourcing translations.
Working with LSPsDiscover the most effective methods for collaborating with Localization Service Providers.
Having Different Source Content Across LanguagesDiscover the best practices for handling content that varies across different target languages.
Working with Plurals and GendersLearn how to utilize advanced features of ICU, including plurals and genders.
Avoiding untranslatable text to be added to TM
Non-English as a Source LanguageHere is a workflow to follow when working with a non-English source language and multiple target languages.
Localizing ImagesDiscover the process of localizing images..
The Ultimate Guide for Managing Your Tasks in TransifexDiscover how to use the Tasks feature to define tasks and subtasks, set deadlines, track progress, and more.
The Complete Guide to Adding Context to StringsTransifex provides multiple methods of providing context to translators in order to help them translate each string.
Using Zendesk and Context for Files TogetherDiscover the potential of combining Zendesk and Context for Files.
Manage Translation WorkflowsManage your project's translation workflow and create the workflow best suited for your content type.
Mastering Figma Design and Code Localization: A Guide for Designers and DevelopersCombine popular Transifex features and integrations to create a powerful and streamlined localization workflow.
Transitioning From File-Based Localization to Transifex NativeTransition from file-based methods to Transifex Native for enhanced efficiency and agility.
Multi-Step Review: Streamlined Collaboration with Transifex ToolsImprove translation quality with a multi-step review process and Transifex tools for seamless localization collaboration.