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When do I receive notifications for Team Discussions?
When do I receive notifications for Team Discussions?
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Team discussions is a feature that lets you communicate with other members of a team. It's a forum for a team's activities and conversations. You can find discussions by going to the "Teams" tab of your Dashboard and clicking the speech bubble icon to the right of a team's name.

You will receive notifications about discussions in the following situations:

  • When you participate in a team discussion that is not assigned to a specific language ("All languages" is the default selection), you will receive notifications for every new post after your initial post.

  • When a team discussion is assigned to a language you are involved with, you'll receive notifications if you are a Coordinator, Reviewer, or Translator, regardless of whether you have participated in the discussions before. Team Managers won't receive notifications.

Please note: there's no option to disable notifications for the second scenario mentioned above. This is requested by the Team Managers to ensure that everyone involved is receiving the proper notifications.

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