When you add a new target language to your projects, you probably would want to add this language to the existing glossary.

If you want to update your glossary in Transifex and include the terms for the new language via upload, please follow the steps:

  1. Download the existing glossary. To do that, click the Glossaries tab in the main navigation and download the glossary file.

  2. In the downloaded .csv file, add an additional column for the new target language. (Make sure to have the language code the same as the language code in your project: ex. if it’s es_ES in your project, it should be es_ES in this .csv file.) Then, add the translations of the source terms to the new column you have created.

  3. Upload the updated .csv file back to Transifex. When uploading the updated .csv, do NOT check “Overwrite existing entries”.

Another option to add the translations of the terms for the new language is to do so directly via the Editor.

The new language will automatically be created in your Glossary instance as soon as the first term is created for this language.

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