2024 Releases
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June 2024


  • Figma: Enhanced screenshot capture for better context in translations.

  • New editor filters for tx live projects:

    • Live URL path not contains

    • Live URL path not starts with

  • SwiftUI Support in iOS SDK.

  • Made the latest Android parser (v3.0) the default option when creating resources via API/GO CLI.

  • WordPress integration:

    • Added support for hreflang="x-default".

    • Made the source language configurable via the advanced settings of the WordPress plugin.


  • Option to enable Transifex AI Fillup directly from your project's workflow page.

  • Option to upload screenshots directly from Transifex Web Editor.

  • Contentful Integration: Option to select the preferred source language when multiple locales are used within the same Contentful environment.

  • Option to purchase AI characters via subscription page.

  • Released full support for String Catalog in the iOS SDK.

  • Released Audio Localization file format.

  • Released category and priority filters for issues in the Transifex Web Editor.

April 2024


  • Added YouTube shorts support.

  • Both "Save Changes" and "Save and Keep Translations" buttons are now visible in the source editor.

  • Newly introduced string catalog (.xcstrings) files are now supported in the txcli tool for iOS.

  • Option to retain source language editing with locked strings.

  • TX Native: Option to disable auto-syncing content.

March 2024


  • New language added: French (Europe) (fr_150), Spanish (Europe) (es_150), English (Europe) (en_150).

  • New editor filters for tx live projects:

    • Live URL path contains

    • Live URL path starts with

  • Translation Checks in Transifex AI.

Feb 2024


  • New language added: French (Morocco) (fr_MA).

  • Enabled RTL support for Southern Luri (luz) and Northern Luri (lrc).

  • Contentful Integration

    • Option to auto-pull new or updated source content from Contentful into Transifex.

    • Option to connect other Contentful environments with your Transifex projects, expanding beyond just the master environment.

  • New Transifex Plans.

Jan 2024


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