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How do I contact other users in Transifex?
How do I contact other users in Transifex?
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There are a number of ways you can reach other users in Transifex:

  • Use the messaging system to send a message directly to another user. To send a message, click on your user profile in the main navigation, then select Messages from the dropdown. In the header, click Compose. Enter the Transifex username of the person you want to message, add a subject and message, and then hit "Send message".

  • Start a team discussion and message everyone on a team. To learn how, please see our article on Announcements and Discussions.

  • @mention a user in a comment in the Editor. To learn more, refer to this article.

  • Do you use Slack? If yes, we do have an integration with this tool. You can find out more here.

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