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Associating a project to a Glossary
Associating a project to a Glossary

Choose or change which Glossary a project uses.

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When you create a new project, a new Glossary is created, and the project becomes associated with this Glossary.

However, you're able to change which Glossary a project is associated with or associate multiple projects with a single Glossary (though a project may only be associated with one Glossary at a time).

To associate a project with a Glossary:

  1. Head to your Glossaries from the main navigation

  2. Click on the glossary you want to associate a project to and click on the Add/Remove projects. You'll see a list of all the projects in your organization.

  3. Check the box next to a project to associate it with that glossary. If a project was associated with another Glossary previously, it'd now be associated with the new Glossary.

  4. Click outside the box to finalize your changes.

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