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Craft brand consistency across languages with custom style guides for precise and consistent translations

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📝Note: Style Guides are only available on the Enterprise Plus plan. Any user can view a style guide, but only Organization Admins can create one.

Every person and every brand has a voice that’s unique to them. To help ensure translations are consistent with your brand across all languages, Transifex lets you provide style guides for your translators.

But what’s a style guide? It’s simply a set of guidelines about how your brand should be presented. Later in this article, we’ll review some things you might want to include in your style guide.

Adding style guides

To create a style guide:

  1. Head to your Organization Settings from your avatar in the bottom left of the main navigation.

  2. On the left menu, click on Style Guides.

  3. Click on Add a Style Guide.

  4. Give your style guide a title, then put in your style guide content. Whenever you create a new style guide in Transifex, you’ll see a style guide outline in the content box. You can use it as a reference or create a style guide following your own structure.

  5. Hit Save to finish creating your style guide.

📝Note: A Table of Contents will be automatically generated for translators using the Heading 1's and Heading 2's in your style guide.

Things you might include in a style guide

It’s up to you how much or how little information you include in your style guide. If you’re working with a translation agency, they can often work with you to create a style guide specific to your company. In general, though, style guides contain some variations of the following:

  • Background information on your company, product, and target market

  • Information about your brand’s personality, tone, and voice

  • Guidelines for grammar, written syntax (e.g., how should dates be written), and stylistic preferences

  • Language/culture-specific information or instructions

Examples of style guides

Below are a few public style guides you can look at for reference:

Assigning style guides to projects

Once you’ve created a style guide, you can assign it to one or more of your projects:

  1. From the Style Guides overview page, click on the style guide you want to assign to a project.


  2. In the Assign project dropdown, use the checkboxes to select the project(s) you want to assign the style guide to. When done, click outside of the dropdown.


To unlink a style guide and project, uncheck the project in the dropdown.

📝Note: A project can only have one style guide assigned to it at a time.

Viewing style guides

Translators and Reviewers can access and view style guides in several ways:

  • By clicking the Style Guide button in the header of the Editor

  • By clicking View style guide from the top of the Languages page of a project


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