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Learn about ways to set up a translation team to work on your projects in Transifex.

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Depending on how you choose to get your translations done, you would need to set up your Translation Team to work on the projects.

User roles

In many cases, there are multiple stakeholders accessing your Transifex accounts: your developers, product managers, translators, maybe your in-house native speakers or clients. So you will need to grant different levels of access to these different people. Learn more about the various user roles in Transifex and what they can do here.

With this in mind, your next steps would be:

Create a team

In Transifex, you can have one team working on all projects or different teams working on different projects. With the team structure, you have a full control over who access what content.

Learn more about how to create a translation team here.

Invite collaborators

You can change the setup of your team at any time: you can remove collaborators or assign them with a different role, you can assign and re-assign them to a specific project or a number of projects.

With the team management feature, you have a full control on how you set up your translation team. For example:

  • You can assign a vendor as a team manager (so that they can add their translators and reviewers) and add your in-house native speaker as a reviewer to this team, so that she/he can do the final review/proofreading step

  • You can have multiple vendors working on different projects (Vendor 1/Team 1 - marketing website; Vendor 2/Team 2 - help center documents)

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Set up a team

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