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Adjusting Your AI Character Capacity
Adjusting Your AI Character Capacity

Need AI Characters for Transifex AI? Here's How to Acquire Them!

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AI Add-On Purchase

Navigate to your subscription page and locate the AI character usage section. This section of your subscription page contains details about your AI character usage and current AI capacity, if any.

To purchase more AI characters, click on the pencil icon, which will present you with the available AI character tiers.

If you haven't purchased an AI add-on before, your capacity will display as zero, accompanied by a plus icon as an option to make your first purchase.

The available AI character tiers for purchase are listed below:

After completing the purchase, your new AI character limit will be set, allowing you to start using it immediately.

๐Ÿ“ Note

  • A credit card is required to complete the purchase of an AI add-on via your subscription page.

  • The pricing for the add-on follows a recurring subscription model. This means that the cost will be billed on a recurring basis, ensuring uninterrupted access to the add-on feature as part of your ongoing subscription with Transifex. Your usage will reset to zero upon each renewal.

  • If you're interested in a higher AI character limit beyond what's available in the UI tiers, please contact us so we can accommodate your needs.

Expanding AI Capacity Mid-Term

If you find yourself nearing your AI character limit before the current term expires, you can upgrade to a higher tier whenever you decide to. With this upgrade, you'll only be charged for the additional characters purchased at the time of the upgrade until the end of the current term. You'll gain immediate access to these additional characters to continue utilizing Transifex AI without interruption. The new AI character limit will be preserved upon renewal.

Let's say you initially purchased a subscription with a limit of 10,000 AI characters. As your usage approaches 80% mid-month, you anticipate needing more characters to process additional content. You decide to upgrade to a higher limit of 30,000 characters. The cost for the 30,000-character tier is $216. Since you're upgrading from the 10,000- AI character tier to the 30,000-AI character tier, you're effectively purchasing additional 20,000 characters. The price for these additional characters is calculated as follows: 20,000 characters * $216 / 30,000 characters = $144. Upon renewal, the full amount will be charged, i.e. $216/month.

Reducing Your AI Character Limit

If you want to decrease your AI character limit, you can do this by selecting a lower tier that better fits your needs. Follow the same steps as outlined above, choose the tier that aligns with your requirements, and confirm your selection.

After submitting your request, the updated AI limit will come into effect upon your next renewal.

Removing AI Add-On From Your Subscription

If you find that the AI Characters add-on no longer aligns with your needs, it's easy to remove it from your subscription. Simply follow the same steps as before and choose "None" for the new AI character limit.

After submitting your request, our system will schedule the changes, and the AI add-on will be removed from your subscription upon your next renewal.

Purchasing Option Unavailable

There are situations where purchasing the AI add-on may not be possible through your subscription page. This could be due to various reasons:

  1. Tier Purchased Outside UI: You may have already purchased a higher tier of service that is not available for purchase through the Transifex UI or made your purchase via our sales team. In such instances, if you require additional AI characters, please reach out to us directly to discuss options.

  2. Scheduled Subscription Changes: Users who have scheduled subscription changes, such as upgrades or downgrades, may not be able to purchase the AI add-on until their scheduled changes take effect.


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