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During the translation process, there will be a lot of occasions for communication with your collaborators; similarly, they might need to ask you questions and clarifications.

See below the two ways to communicate with your collaborators within Transifex. We recommend discussing with your collaborators/vendor what communication channel would work best.

Announcements and discussions

This is probably best for “bigger” topics such as announcements about the start of the project, a significant update of the source file, or adding contextual information about the translation project. Learn more about this feature here.

Discuss specific strings

Quite often, translators need clarification about specific strings and will request you to provide additional information by opening an “issue” on a string level. Learn more about this feature here.

As mentioned, we recommend discussing the procedure with your collaborators/vendor team:

  • Should they @mention you or someone else in the organization (e.g., different project maintainers for various projects)?

  • Should they mark the issue as resolved, or will you do it? Should you @mention all other language translators, or are they supposed to check open issues on their own?


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