Generating an API Token

Generate a token to use for REST API requests.

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You can generate an API token to use many of our integrations and features. This includes the API, Figma, and Zendesk. When using a token, the username field should be set to "api" and not your username. An API token has the same rights as the user that generated it.

To get your API token:

  1. Head to your User Settings by clicking on your profile image.

  2. Select My profile from the pop-up menu.

  3. Click on API token from the left.

  4. Next, click Generate a token on the right.

  5. Once you've generated a token, you can edit its name so it's easier to remember where you use the token.

⚠️Warning: To keep your API token secure, we'll only show it once, so please save it somewhere safe. If you lose your API token, you can regenerate a new one at any time. However, when generating a new token, you'll need to update your applications and replace the old token with the new one.

If you signed up for Transifex using social login, i.e., GitHub, Google, or LinkedIn, then your Transifex account won’t have a password associated with it by default. You can generate or change your password through your account settings page.

Access control for API tokens

Transifex supports multiple API tokens per user (you can see them on your API tokens page here). Transifex generates an API label with an incremental number: API token 1, API token 2, etc.

After the API token is created, you can update this label in the "Edit API token" popup. This way, you can define different usage per token and update it accordingly depending on the service that this token is being used for.

If you want to revoke access, then the corresponding token can be deleted without affecting the other services that are also connected to this account. If you want to restrict access, you can create a generic user for a group of services/projects and generate multiple tokens for this account. If you wish to prevent certain users from deleting a project, then those users should not be an administrator or project maintainer of the project.

Please also note that there is no limit on the number of users that can use the same Transifex account. However, there is an API rate limit per account. So, if many services use the same Transifex account, this limit might be reached more frequently.


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