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Streamlining Translation Tracking and Invoicing with Transifex Reports
Streamlining Translation Tracking and Invoicing with Transifex Reports

Discover the ultimate guide to efficient translation tracking, pre/post-translation billing, and fair compensation.

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  • The Progress Reports and Translation Activity Reports features are available on our Growth plan and up.

  • TM Leverage Report feature is available on Enterprise Plus plan.

  • All reports can be exported and downloaded in CSV format.

  • Reports update each day at 01:13 UTC.

Optimizing Localization Insights and Performance with Transifex Reports

Transifex offers four report types to empower businesses in their localization efforts: Progress Report, Translation Activity Report, Repetitions Report, and TM Leverage Report.

The Progress Report offers detailed and valuable statistics before or during the translation process. By downloading these reports for specific projects, organizations can access essential information such as the number of source strings/words, the percentage of translated and untranslated strings/words, and the number of reviewed and unreviewed strings/words. Access to these detailed statistics enables you to easily track translation progress, measure translation efficiency, optimize resource allocation, and make data-driven decisions.

The Translation Activity Report provides valuable insights into the translation process. By offering information on the number of words translated, edited, and reviewed by translators, as well as the usage of Translation Memory (TM) and Machine Translation (MT) fill-ups, the Language Service Provider (LSP) can efficiently track translator and reviewer activities. This data enables the LSP to identify their most active translators, ensuring fair compensation and recognition for their contributions. Additionally, access to these reports empowers organizations to make data-driven decisions when determining appropriate compensation for translators and reviewers, ultimately optimizing their localization workflows and enhancing overall translation efficiency.

The Repetitions Report offers valuable string and word repetition statistics, which can significantly impact localization budgets. By accurately identifying and accounting for repetitions, the LSP can estimate completion time more efficiently, leading to competitive quotes at lower prices. Transifex's detailed reports on repetitions in different languages and project levels enable businesses to optimize localization processes, reduce translation efforts, and make informed decisions for cost-effective localization strategies.

The TM Leverage Report provides essential Translation Memory (TM) Leverage information for translated strings that require post-editing and untranslated strings. By accessing this information on a project/resource level and utilizing tags to group content, the LSP can estimate the effort translators need to deliver translations for specific strings. This enables accurate calculation of translation costs based on the translation agency's rates, leading to better budgeting and cost optimization for localization projects. Ultimately, businesses can make informed decisions and efficiently allocate resources for translation tasks, enhancing their localization process and overall productivity.

You can find more detailed information about these report types in their respective articles:

Use Case: Pre-Translation Billing


The LSP wants to provide accurate and efficient cost estimations for translation jobs assigned to them. The LSP seeks a seamless method to track and identify the work required from their team, ultimately enabling them to deliver timely and precise quotes to their valued customers.

The main goal is to optimize the translation cost estimation process for LSPs, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and timely delivery of quotes to customers.


When a customer submits a new translation job request, the LSP identifies the relevant projects and languages they must work on. To efficiently manage the translation project, the LSP exports the necessary reports:

  • Progress reports to retrieve real-time data on strings' status.

  • Repetition reports to get insights into repetitive word counts.

  • TM Leverage reports to get information on available TM suggestions for translated and untranslated strings.

By leveraging Transifex reports, LSPs can improve their translation project management, offer accurate quotes to customers, and ensure a transparent and seamless translation process for all stakeholders involved.

Use Case: Post-Translation Billing


The LSP pays its translators upon the completion of translation jobs. They seek a convenient method to track and identify individual translators' delivered work to calculate appropriate compensation for each one. Additionally, the LSP offers discounts to customers based on the leverage of Translation Memory suggestions used during the translation process. They need a streamlined solution to retrieve relevant data concerning their translators' work and ensure accurate compensation.


The customer updates their source content in Transifex, generating a translation task for the LSP. The LSP then assigns the necessary work to their team of translators, initiating the translation process.

Upon completion of the translations, the LSP defines the corresponding time interval and requests Transifex to provide the activity data detected during that period. In a CSV format, the LSP obtains the following information:

  • The total number of source words translated by each translator per language.

  • The total number of source words edited by each translator per language.

  • The total number of source words reviewed by each reviewer per language.

  • The total number of untranslated source words, categorized by Translation Memory (TM) leverage availability.

  • The total number of translated source words, categorized by Translation Memory (TM) leverage availability.

This comprehensive report empowers the LSP to efficiently track translation progress, monitor translator and reviewer contributions, and assess the impact of TM leverage on the translation process.


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